Twitter and Facebook paralyzed attacked by "Zombie"

Twitter posted a message that such attacks successfully overcome.

The leading social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and paralyzed for several hours, Thursday (6 / 8), the effects of DDoS attacks (distributed denial of sevice). The attack is carried out "zombie-zombie internet" or is called a botnet for this is even possible menginfeksi thousands of millions of personal computers and office in the world.

The botnet attack was ruled a botnets that kept secretly to overwhelm access to these sites simultaneously. As a result, not less than 300 million users Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal can not access due to traffic that is too high even make the server down.

Twitter experienced paralysis due to about three hours since the attack that occurred at 23:00 WIB. During the three hours, about 35 million Twitter users can not send any messages. Facebook interference reported the same experience about 250 million users. While interruption of LiveJournal to report 21 million users.

"This is really a very off the attack," said Stephen Tanase, senior analyst of Kaspersky as quoted from UsaToday. None of the attacks that happen again since February 2000. At that time, a bocaha aged 15 years who named himself Mafiaboy ordered botnet-botnet to kill Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Etrade, ZDnet, and CNN.

With the hamstring and sites like Twitter, as if attackers want to show how terrible botnet network in the world. Security analyst from the company's antivirus AV, Roger Thompson estimates 40 percent of computers connected to the Internet is currently infected with botnet. However, users often do not realize the dangerous program that hide themselves and behave reasonably so difficult antivirus detected. (

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