Robotic Plant Produce Oxygen

Plants is important for human life because its produce oxygen for human survival. But over the growth of technology,human often ignore the plant. Due to this, Korea began to develop a plant robot that can produce the oxygen.

Robot plants developed by researchers at the Chonnam National University also has its own function moisturizer, issued fragrant and kinetic. This plant has a 1.3 meter high and 40 cm diameter and consists of a pot, a rod and five flower bud. This plant can respond to some things. If you are 40 cm from the plant, he will approach you its branch and open the crown of flowers. If the vote it receives exceeds the normal limit, it will also open the crown of flowers and the move stem.

If the lights on the room where the plant is up, the plant will open and close the bud if the interest rates, and switched to music so this plant will be dancing. But of course you will not be able to compare plant native plants with this one. But later on when there is no more native plants, why not?


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