Reflecting the Flies shit your personality!


- The right temple: indicates that you are good at keeping a secret. For you, you hold the secret leaked abstinence on the other.

- Left temple: Do you have a social life okay. Your heart is easy obey see the suffering of others. So generous, sometimes you're willing to give you the bill only to others who are considered more needed.

- Forehead Right: You are a clever mix. In place in any social environment, you certainly are not going hard. Another advantage, you are adventurous person.

- Forehead left: your typical thinker. Your brain, including runny. Your life motto, no problem there's no way to the outside.

- Eyebrows right: a personal image that many bear the burden. Such people prone to stress.

eyebrows the left: indicates you are a selfish, selfish and often do not care about the difficulties of others.

- Nose: You liked a lot of people. You are also not a cheapskate. You are fairly abundant provision.
- Cheeks right: describes the personality of the humble, helpful and not butter Just be careful because many are finally using your goodness.

- Cheeks left: your personal including wasteful. You are also known as a good man, virtuous, and not arrogant.

- Lip top and bottom right: you are good at arguing. Anyone who invites you shouting match, guaranteed will never win against you.

- Lip on the left: You are smart people who hang out and easy to click with everyone.

- Her lower lip left: it... you're famous chatterbox, yes. Just little things can make you 'sing' all day.

- Chin-right: describes the nature loving. You are very suitable pets or plants, because you're the type of person who can take care of with love.

- Chin left: the owner of a mole on the left chin mostly quiet personality, not a lot of talk and frugal in financial expenses.

- Right Ear: You have known wish hard. If it wants something, you will most muster all the resources and effort to get it.

- Ear left: it.. those who have a mole on this point are easily offended and quick temper exploded.


- Neck: signifies your hard-hearted person. Not easy for others to conquer your heart.

- Right Shoulder: You are a strong responsibility. In the family, you are a very reliable person.

- Shoulder left: your personal picture of patient, careful and if you have a difficult position unassailable.

- Hand: You are a brave, strong physically and mentally as well as quiet.

- Wrist: You can not save money. Money in your hand very quickly evaporate.

- Chest: Your sign is easy to pity the hearts of others. Still too loud your establishment.

- Stomach: a mole on the stomach described easily influenced by gentle persuasion, gentle manner and have a clean heart.

- Stomach right: a big sexual appetite, overflowing with good fortune and a lot easier to forgive.

- Knee: You people are cheerful and powerful advantages you walk. No wonder you're strong around the mall all day.


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