Noordin M Top Was Killed?

Is Thid Really PHOTO of NOORDIN M. TOP that killed?





Photo above has been circulating on the mailing-list and Internet site, but no one dare to make sure the photo is the victim died at the Temanggung inbreak or photos of creative people.


In the image, half a head start destroyed forehead to the back. Face with the skin clean, slightly oval head, wear blue. Appear in the neck wear blue necklace. The neck level, Noordin neck not more fatter than appear in photos and sketches of outstanding Noordin.


Photos with the whole body does not, half the body's position with the head destroyed there is no similarity with the photos and sketches Noordin M Top, which is circulating in many places.


Previously, Kapolri Jenderal Pol Bambang Hendarso Danuri reject ensure that terrorist dibekuk in Beji, Kedu, Temanggung, Central Java, Saturday, 8 August 2009, is a terrorist leader Noordin M Top. Kapolri evaded that they are still awaiting DNA test results.


This news makes many believe that the previous house Noordin, starting in doubt. Moreover, there is no evidence to corroborate that someone attacked in the home is Noordin M Top. Both the twist in the body bomb, weapons from the house to the number of people in the house dwindle. Originally informed 4 people, but 1 person was.


Currently, the corpse suspected of Noordin M Top is in the Police Hospital, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. Remains that are in the process of identification.


Chronology Inbreak Sarang Terrorists Nurdin M. Top in Temanggung

Here is a full chronology of inbreak house in Temanggung, Central Java, which is estimated to be a terrorist nest the most sought in this country, Noordin M. Top, on the day this Saturday (8-8-2008) since Densus 88 to enter the house to begin with inbreak declared complete.


01. Enter Densus 88 Commercial House Mohzahri

Tim Densus 88, Saturday (8 / 8), pukul 06:00 WIB begin to enter the house inhabited Mohzahri suspected members of terrorist Dukuh Beji, Kedu Village, District Kedu, Temanggung regency, Central Java. Tim Densus 88 entrance door of the house with the front door with the bust burglar tools.

Before the break in the door of the house, heard two gunshot at 05:00 WIB. Then, the voice sounded loud explosion at around 05:30 WIB's in the house.

Apparatus beset the house since Friday (7 / 8) pukul 17:00 WIB until Saturday morning but have not yet clearly known who and how many people who are in the house.

Personal Densus 88 very carefully during the conduct inbreak allegedly rented a house and settled members of terrorist networks.

Up to now unknown number of homes in the Mohzahri goods and found that as people and journalists from print and electronic media are not allowed to approach the house.

They can only see a distance of 250 meters, considering the close-door way to the location.

Since at 23:00 o'clock (West Indonesian Time) Friday to Saturday early morning there is no police activity. They observe the house visible from the top of the hill and in front of the house.

Occasionally the strength of the house to supervise the movement is in the house.

Home Mohzahri highlighted a night full of light cars, and occasionally light the other directed to the thicket that is around the house.


02. Shooting shoot still take place

Until 07.30 o'clock, Saturday (8 / 8) this morning, detachment apparatus 88 Antiteror Special Police still beset a house in the Hamlet Beji, Kedu Village, District Kedu, Temanggung regency, Central Java. Occasionally even the explosion and fire.

Until this morning, at least three times already heard an explosion. Finally at 06.45 earlier, after the officer had previously densus enter sebilah bamboo in the home belonging to Muzahri, which is suspected as hiding place of a terrorist leader Noordin M Top and his friends.

Based on the monitoring locations in Kompas, officials had previously densus near the house and enter a stick of bamboo. After that they ran back clear of the house. Not long after loud sound of explosion which caused the walls and door of a house damaged worse.

The explosion that followed from the line of fire apparatus densus, especially sharpshooter (sniper) who put themselves on a hill behind the house Muzahri When the line of fire to stop, and then heard two gun blast from the house.

Not yet definitely known whether the shot came from the people who sheltered in the house. For, journalists can only monitor one side of the house.

Although the blockade and aggression have been carried out since Friday afternoon yesterday, up to this time there is no single person in the home of the force out or removed. Information that is developed, Noordin M Top is believed killed, but not removed from the house.

Meanwhile, about two hours ago the police evacuate finally four of which are located in the house about 15 meters from the house Muzahri. Fourth person is imprisoned in the house since the police besiege the house Muzahri. Family outside the home are forbidden to go to the police and mengevakuasi father and three sons.

Those early days earlier dievakuasi is Subani (60) and three grandchildren, Sutria Eka (12), Dwi (11), and Nurohman (1.5).


03. Noordin M Top stand alone

The number one fugitive in Indonesia, Noordin M Top, estimated to stand alone in the house in the Hamlet Beji, Temanggung. According to information collected, in the house Noordin equip themselves with weapons and bombs.

However, in another report also mentioned, in the house also have a grandmother and three kid. Until this news was revealed, there is no clear information, in fact anyone who is in the house. Noordin alone or with others.

Also obtained information, people who witnessed the inbreak home Muhzuhri, residence Noordin that, more and more. Citizens to meet the road to the house so that officers make.

Meanwhile, 88 officers Densus using megaphone, suggested that dwells in the house are in a condition that immediately resign.


04. SD (Primary School) nearly by "camp" of Noordin M Top closed by accidentally

Summary of teaching and learning process of elementary Kedu III, which is not far from the site siege hiding Noordin M Top, diliburkan. School entrance in the ring I blockade Densus 88.

Fire and explosion of the hard Densus 88 colorific blockade Muhzuhri house in RT 01/RW 07 Dukuh Kedu Desa Beji, Kabupten Temanggung, as suspected terrorist leaders hiding Noordin M Top. Gunshot, as happened on Friday (7 / 8) also occurred on Saturday morning.

In addition to gunshot, also heard the voice loud explosion a few times. Voice loud explosion first occurred at around 05.30 WIB in the front of the house, and then the second explosion occurred at around 06.45 WIB in the south west side home Muhzuhri.

After that followed Densus team's shot from the top of the hill. Loud explosion occurred again at around 07.17 WIB. Despite loud explosion and fire from Densus, but no signs of fire in the reply from the home.

Society witnessed the events seen in the page next to Masjid Darussalam, and along the road toward home Muhjuhri distance of about 200 meters east.


05. Densus shot House of Terrorists

88 team detachment Special hold fire on the house since the terrorist hideout at 08.10, Saturday (8 / 8).

However, there has been no reaction from any house in which the suspected hiding Noordin M Top. Tim Densus 88 fire on the house from three sides, namely the top, front and side of the house.

Distance of about 200 meters from the house, it appears that about 9 sniper on the hill next to the house. Voters bark is not heard again at 08.30.

Previously, the police bomb the house four times, namely at 05.30, 06.47, 07.20, and 07.50. Hundreds of people still flock to see this event from afar.


06. There is still movement in the In House

Although many times bombed and shoted by detachment apparatus 88 Antiteror Special Police, who is suspected as Noordin M Top and his friends at this time still stand in the house owned Muzahri in Beji Hamlet, Village / District Kedu, Temanggung District.

Many of the speculation, the possibility of Noordin M Top has been killed or injured at least due to bullet fusillade. Others mentioned the speculation, Noordin still stand and wait before entering the police detonate suicide bombs.

Based on the observation Kompas, in the house measuring 12 x 6 meters of largely already broken and bombed still have seen the shadow sway. The shadow is seen vaguely from afar through a glass window already destroyed by police shot. The journalist was not able to approach the house.

Be as before, officials Densus 88 rehearse and perform blasting volley shot, and ask people who are in the house out soon resign. However, the asking is no feed back.

Developing the information, a number of officers who had a question in the answers obtained, and that he is Noordin M Top with voice rather moan in pain. However, there has been no official explanation that ensure that one of the people who sheltered in the house is certainly Noordin, buron bully Indonesian police.

Explosion and fire apparatus Densus itself most of the damage to building a house on the fringe of the village, especially in the west. Thus, Noordin and his friends at this time can only take refuge in the middle of the east side of the house also has broken its glass.


07. Te back of Muzari's Home Bombed

After a bit quiet for 30 minutes more, detachment apparatus 88 Special Police Antiteror at 09.30 earlier bomb blast back strength in the lower house of the suspected Muzahri into hiding Noordin M Top.

Even the police got into the house and bring out something when, as a victim who is injured. Akan but has not been obtained on the certainty of what the police from inside the house, because of distance and location of the journalist is far enough.

Currently, the team Densus rush back home from the east side window. Using a gun stock senjatanya, the police solve the glass-glass window remaining, and the window frame.

A police ask residents and journalists who are in the east-side home for menjauh not so exposed to stray bullet. For, the police will soon make a raid with a shot back that will lead to a mass huddle.

Meanwhile, from up in the house at this time no more replies shot. However, police believe Noordin or people suspected of Noordin M Top stand still in a room in the house is owned Muzahri.


08. Camp of Noordin M Top taken by Police Line

Police have installed a police line as a landmark estimated completion operations chivy Noordin M Top, The number one terrorist in Indonesia.

No news, how fortune can be arrested Noordin whether alive or dead Noordin. View the location of the activity in the "nest" Noordin Top, is estimated that Malaysia fugitive origin died in the village Beji, Kedu, Temanggung.

Some 88 officers have also Densus remove helmet-helmet that was wearing them since yesterday. informed that Kapolri Jendral Pol Bambang Hendarso Danuri located not far from the location.


09. Already in the end of Temanggung

Approximately at 09.50, Saturday (8 / 8) before the police finally entered the house the previous Muzahri several times boombed and fire on detachment apparatus 88 Antiteror Special Police.

Police also found there is only one person in the house were found dead in the bathroom. Thus, inbreak against a suspected terrorist to be hiding on the most, Noor Din M Top is already expired.

Now the police are more relaxed look. The police have been installed in the house, while citizens and journalists are also more liberal approach, although it still can not enter the house.

However, until now not yet certain whether the information obtained by the victim was killed Noor Din M Top or not. About the identity and characteristics of the victim until now has not been obtained.

Indeed, rumor circulating since yesterday that the person hiding in the house is Noor Din M Top, the origin terrorist kingpin Malaysia-called mastermind a nearly all blasting bombs in Indonesia.

Currently, the corpse of the victim killed was removed from the home Muzahri and placed in a house residents who have previously cleared. House itself is kept strictly police.

Journalists also can not approach the house for victims see conditions. Also there is no official information about the identity of the police victims.


10. A man is killed in the House Noordin M Top

A man suspected of Noordin M Top, the terrorist leader sought security allegedly killed in strong inbreak made Densus 88 at home Muhzuhri in Beji Village, District Kedu, Temanggung regency, Central Java, Saturday.

The location of the incident Saturday at 09:50 WIB reported, police found a house in the fall, but have not obtained official information from the security apparatus who actually killed the victim in the house.

Since the beginning of the security apparatus that made a blockade on the house since Friday (7 / 8) at 16:00 WIB o'clock strongly suspect that Noordin is in the house.


Update: Noordin had cried Request Please

Head of the Police State of RI General Bambang Hendarso Danuri only 10 minutes on the location inbreak house owned Mozahri. To the journalist, Bambang did not provide details.

Head of Central Java Regional Police Irjen Alex Bambang Riatmojo is still in the location is also reluctant to provide information, both about the inbreak, and certainty, is that correct killed in inbreak was Noordin M Top, high fugitive that police searched for this.

Information obtained from the 88 member detachment Antiteror Special mention, the victim was killed Noordin M Top. He came to the house on Tuesday Mozahri ago. He picked Mozahri from Jepara, Central Java.

Inbreak time, in the house are only there because Noordin alone Mozahri and two his nephew, Arif (38) and his brother, Hendra (34), have been arrested by police the previous day.

Member Densus said, Noordin had actually cried when I ask the officer Densus blast home the right side of the room. However, police did not heed the cry. Police continue even fire on bullet cry because they are afraid that I have as traps.

Due to the volley, Noordin fled to the bathroom at the back of the house. Around 07.50 o'clock, police again set off a bomb placed on the right side of the house. This is done to open the space for the shooter.

At that time, the position of the wedge Noordin, especially after the wall separating the space between the middle and the right side of the room is also perforated. Noordin finally found shot dead tertembus when hiding in the bathroom.


Video Detik-Detik inbreak Noordin M Top

Flash Back Post explosion Bom Kuningan

Video second of inbreak Noordin M Top

(Source of news: TVONE, Photo posts: Dodi Budiristio)

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