Mysterious hole looks like a big cave in Antarctica

Is there a secret military base or an alien base in Antarctica? A lock-shaped structure visible on a snowy rock in Antarctica. The hole was apparently made by human hands.

The position of the hole is 66 33 '11:58' S, 99 50 '17.86 "E and 66 36' 12:58 'S, 99 43' 12.72" E. Is the hole made by the human hand, or just a hole created by nature violent Antarctica?

Photo below is a photograph taken on February 23, 2006 compared with photos taken afterward. On February 23, 2006 photo, the hole was not there, or covered by snow. But the next day when the snow out, a hole look like enormous.

After measurements were taken, then the door was estimated to have a hole about 30 meters high with a width of 90 meters. Big enough to get out in an airplane.

Issues have long circulated that the U.S. military has a secret base in Antarctica. Even the Nazis had also been rumored to establish headquarters in the place. But no one knew certain truth.

Although the form of the hole was attracting attention, I guess not necessarily the hole is also made with hands. Is not Nature also good at making the caves of the beautiful?


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