Moon To Begin In Exploitation of Energy Resources?

Developed countries to explore the Moon race because the Moon is estimated to contain helium-rich 3.Gas are valued as a potential alternative energy source to replace the Earth's energy resources are depleted.

As one of the most advanced countries in the world, Germany does not want left behind from other countries in exploring the potential of the Moon. Germany today claimed to have been saving for a mission landing unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2015.

"German Landing on the Moon can be done in the next decade, approximately 2015.Misi this must be done because the Moon is an excellent platform for space research," said Minister of Economy and Technology Peter Hintze Germany. Hintze express, Moon mission, estimated to cost about $ 2, 2 billion.

Hintze acknowledged, the cost is very large indeed. However, Hintze believe, this mission will bring about benefits in kind. "Germany is going through the worst recession in six year but the Moon is the primary source of answers about how we ensure the future of the blue planet (Earth) we are.

The mission is currently not possible because the fund does not exist, "said Hintze. The moon becomes the object of a massive exploration of the Moon is estimated that helium-rich 3. Gas is considered as an alternative energy source of potential energy sources to replace diminishing Earth.

Besides Germany, other countries are competing to explore the Moon including the U.S., Russia, Japan, and China. Among these countries are, the most ambitious countries to explore the Moon is the United States. The U.S. space agency NASA's ambition is capable of landing astronauts on the Moon to stay on the Moon for six months. NASA is currently examining various types of vehicle designs that can be used as a residence humans on the Moon.

"We need to stay long enough in our moon about about six months. Similar to the time we spent to stay at the International Space Station (ISS)," said director of NASA's Advanced Capabilities Division Carl Walz. Walz express, a vehicle that will be the first post man on the Moon that may be have design like ISS.

This at , ISS can live three men in a long time. NASA determined to finish the month at 2010.Ada post any NASA flight to the moon scheduled to take place at 2020.NASA is currently also designing transportation systems, communications, and power generation to support operations on the Moon.

"We'll stay on the moon, working on the Moon, to development on the Moon, and utilize natural resources on the Moon," Walz said. Head of Russia's space agency Anatoly Perminov expressed ROSKOMOS Besides, Russia is currently preparing for the construction of new space rockets to deliver Russian cosmonauts to the Moon in 2020.

Large ambitions also came from successful China.after Chang'e 1 satellite launched in 2007, China began to plan missions for continou finance these missions, China would invite private investors. Yet China's space agency is managed by the armed forces.

"China's space exploration project flourished. We encourage private companies to participate in the development of space technology. We also invite private parties to finance related research and manufacturing space," said space agency spokesman Li Guoping China CNSA.

China is the world's third country capable of launching humans into space, after the Soviet Union and the United States. Now, China's ambition to land a man on the lunar surface 15 years. Before the landing of humans to the Moon done, China's first unmanned spacecraft landed there.

China rocket scientist reveals the Long Lehao, China even plans to build a space station began in 2020. "The year 2020 was the heyday of China's space technology. At that time we will be able to support people to stay longer on the Moon and the Moon utilizing resources," said Ji Wu, director of CNSA.

Japan in 2007 also monitors the satellite successfully launched Kaguya Moon. Japanese space agency JAXA revealed, Kaguya tasks include examining the Moon's gravitational field to facilitate the landing of humans. Japan plans to landed astronauts on the Moon in 2020 to examine more closely the potential energy on the Moon.

Back to Europe, the UK seems to be tempted also to see the potential energy of the Moon. Therefore, the British also wanted to contribute to explore the Moon. However, England can not work alone in doing research on it moon because , England for help NASA. To explore the Moon, space agency UK BNSC monitoring mission set up a password named MoonLITE Moon (Moon Lightweight Interior and Telecoms Experiment). BNSC states, MoonLITE is the fruit of cooperation between the BNSC with NASA. "This cooperation is a big improvement.

MoonLITE mission will demonstrate the UK's excellence in developing satellite technology, communication, and robots that focus on exploring the Moon, "said Professor Keith Mason, Chairman of the UK Space Board, the BNSC to regulatory authorities. MoonLITE planned slid into space in 2012. Satellite, which is partly built a large British companies.

NASA helps in the form of technical consultancy and providing mission navigation Moon LITE equipment estimated to cost 100 million pounds sterling. Moon LITE team members include Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL), subsidiary University of Surrey, which has launched 27 satellites into space.

Moon LITE is expected to be able to observe the Moon area which can not be seen by the Apollo missions in the 1960s and 1970s. "All of the Apollo landers landed on the Moon for the equatorial region of salvation. With unmanned missions such as Moon LITE, we will be able to try scientific missions are more challenging," said SSTL System Engineer Andy Phipps.

Moon LITE targets include the polar regions and at Moon Moon who never exposed to the sun. Moon LITE would float on the Moon's orbit but the satellite will be able to shoot three or four projectiles containing the research instruments to the Moon's surface.


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