Merantau, Newest Action Movie of Indonesia

movieMerantau, a movie that is very rarely produced by Indonesia movie production, 6 August 2009 where played simultaneously in the in theaters throughout the country, (read this article in Indonesian Language)

Why do I call this rarely produced, because this one movie, the movie is not a themed romance, and horror as Pocong, Kuntilanak, sister or ngesot the latest flare again produced, but a Action movies, the movie is almost never produced in the 1.5 in this decade, in 1980 s / d in 1990 first movie produced and much preferred by the community of Indonesia, such as the Movie that played by action actor Barry Prima, George Rudy, Willy Dozan, Advent Bangun etc..

Fighting scene in this movie quietly good than another action movie that have created, it's all about Silat but its style like kungfu, a movie that it's fighting movement Playground trusted to Edwel Datok Rajo Gampo Alam have figured by national champion of Pencak Silat Indonesia "Uwais Iko" who called Yuda (in this movie),

This Merantau Movie tell about the story in the tradition of one of the Minangkabau of West Sumatra, where a son must travel to obtain a name of status quo for himself.

Meanwhile, Donny Alamsyah, Yayan the figures in the movie as father of Yuda, who is very enthusiastic in the third movie, after "Sang Dewi" and "9 Naga".. "I see this movie scenario is very good. This movie drama, but also the traditional martial art and culture of Indonesia. Unfortunately, I don't given the action scene, "said Donny in Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia, Friday.
In the movie, the original Danish actor Mads Kudal, will act as a villain named Ratger. He said involvement in the movie because this was one use to the project director with the UK original, Gareth Huw Evans.
"Honestly, I do not know so much about the movie of Indonesia, usually only from Japan or China. But according to my scenario in the movie is very good, "praised star of serial the Six Reasons Why.


The trailer have been circulating since last year. At the site told all kinds of movie projects concerning Rp 15 billion with the British director, Gareth Evans, Movie tolerable long, almost 2.5 hours. One hours last truly solid fight with Pencak Silat. In a small alley, in a night club, in crossing the bridge, in the complex RUSUN (Rusun Klender), on the roof of the building, duel in the lift, up to two opponents Pamungkas as a top movie.

In Jakarta, he met Astri (Sisca Jessica, looks physically like beta Agnes Monica), the dancers who exploited her money by club boss, Johni (Alex Abbad). Johni wanted to sell Astri syndicate traders pecun (the export of prostitute girls .. container), which, of course, Yuda furiously to prevent.
With the situation, of course, tens bouncer came along detain Yuda movies. On very busy fight, Yuda throughout the movie never change clothes. The long duration of the movie, the dirty shirt.
This movie for adults! Child watching The Dark Knight is still more glorious. Going away in the blood spread up everywhere. Even though the color is often similar as syrup, but that is not common criminals or watching events impressions Marriott bombing victims 17 / 7 on TV, and nausea can shocked.

There are also batch slang vocabulary that appears in the movie. Animals words very easy to hear from the mouth of the pimp Johni.

Astri own very fond said "faeces!" That almost all aimed at Johni.
On the screen published also subtitel English translation is often not exactly the purpose of which we understand. At the beginning of the movie always hear "padang" language, subtitle also not appropriate. Ask better Padang person to the nearest.
Once again, this movie. So, about an hour first remember this. Believe that the sequence "ciaat gedebuk" (sound of their fighting) will come soon. Hope no stripping action by Astri in this movie. Also there is no physical stupid romance,. Oh yes, if another officer in the movie always comes late, in this movie even lingering. Isn'T police, the satpam (security team of buliding) you so get no person in it. Also a bit strange because, as far as one knows us, and failed so very successful syndicate takes the role of officer.
I think, must watch this movie because of the tremendous governance fight with Pencak Silat-be as a relic of Indonesia. Sinematographic is a bonus: not only when the cool fight scenes, but also to exploit at the beauty of Bukittinggi (Padang, West Sumatera).
Hopefully there is only a subsequent national cinemaker make a movie really red and white. At least the script, dialogue and conflict so Indonesia quietly feels it. Isn't Indonesian people will crowd if there any accident or fighting? Tour our culture is natural.

Some of the scenes snippets..:
1. Yuda hungry and searching for food in the nearest tavern. Asked by the waitress, like what to eat. "Sate padang, Sir," said Yuda.
2. Johni wonder why so stubborn Yuda protect Astri. Johni said, "Beautiful is, but as beautiful as pecun-pecun other."
3. Yuda chased by some criminals whose ride motorcycle. To prevent chaser, all the goods that were found thrown. At the end of the alley, some people take it through a towel and scoop. Yuda whip the ends of the towel. The owner of a towel to catch the end of the reflex to keep his towel to taken. Nah, towel was spread, hit the neck chaser vehicles. Yuda withdraw, leaving the owner of the towel who leave a dumb face.
(read this article in Indonesian Language)

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