Laptop Gallery Super Old, Unique And Funny

1.September 1975 Portable PC IBM 5100
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5100 is the first model of the IBM microcomputer, which is not Mainframe, and also considered the world's first portable computer. Although the weight of 55 pounds, perhaps best described as "was complete" contained in "portable" as it was.
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There are very few other computers available at that time, no and the storage close to the capabilities of 5100. He is a very complete system is - with built-in monitor, keyboard, and scientific data 5100 was also very expensive - up to U.S. $ 20,000 or for RP 214.000 at the time. 5100 is specially designed for professionals and sains problem SOLVERS, not a business or user hobbyists.

2.Tahun 1977 Rockwell AIM 65

For low cost prototypes or low to medium volume production, Rockwell offers board-level extended family "blue collar" product, easy to design and implement.
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The AIM 65 (R6500-based Advanced Interactive Microcomputer) is under $ 500 microcomputers, complete with keyboard, screen and hard copy printer. A wide choice, many interfaces and expansion of available. AIM 65 which is also a mini-system development with the price of most evaluation boards. In addition to opening the blue- color board version, the AIM 65 capabilities in a box, complete with electricity, for use other computer table at your applications, tools for learning, evaluation systems, or industry Controller, a blue-collar AIM 65 is economical solution

3. February 1978 IBM 5110 Portable PC

IBM 5110 computer it was 'a business version of' The original IBM 5100 from the previous 3 years, which is designed primarily for mathematicians and engineers.
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While only 5100 tape drive for data storage and application of newly new 5110 now supports the IBM 5114 external dual 8-inch floppy drive is not only faster, but still holds a lot more data.
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New features and business-related software can 5110 device more useful and attractive to the business elite.

4. In 1979 Heathkit H89

Following the success of their Heathkit H8 computer from 1977, Heathkit released Heathkit H89 "all-in-one" computer at the end of 1979.
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This system is available either as a kit that will be collected buyer (model H89), or as collected and tested system (model WH89), although WH89 cost $ 700 more.
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The second is a general purpose H89-terminals and high-quality computers, separated with Z80 processor and circuity for each function.

5. Osborne 1981 April 1

Released in 1981 by Osborne Computer Corporation, the Osborne 1 is regarded as the first true portable computer - he shut-up for protection, and has done a deal. Even a battery pack option, so do not need to plugged into the 110VAC outlet for power.
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While quite revolutionary, Osborne who did not have limitations, the screen is only 5 "(diagonal) in size, and can show more than 52 characters per line of text.
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To compensate, actually you can scroll the screen display back and forth with the cursor keys to display the text lines up to 128 characters wide.


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