Japanese Scientists Show The Hologram That Can be Touched

Do you wanna feel the touch sensation of the hologram? yes, of course. And this is what the developed by experts in Japan recently. The scientists at the University of Tokyo has developed a hologram projector that is capable to render a real 3-dimensional objects. This system consists of a hologram display device, track 2 Wii mote and an ultrasound unit feedback.


One researcher Takayuki Hoshi explain the abstract, the view that float in the air that have been witnessed in the films of fiction several decades later. Recently, it attracts many attention as a promising technology in the areas of the world and television digitizing, and many types of display and the hologram that is intended to be developed now. Added addition, virtual objects that are visible in the form of a hologram is an extraordinary experience that there are enticing possibilities, so you want to reach or even touch the virtual objects to feel the sensation of touch of the hands directly.

Base of appetite, and Hoshi is stressed that the team has been successful feedback to add features to the 3D image in free space. Although sensation need contact with natural objects, the existence of air pressure stimulator d view image hologram. Therefore, some type of remote control sensation needed. This gives the view that appears to look like the original. This phenomenon using nonlinear ultrasound (acoustic radiation pressure). When an object enters the ultrasound propagation, a pressing surface pressure field of the object.

According to Hoshi own, this system is capable for refreshed based on digital data and can be used in the video game, 3D CAD and other similar applications.


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