Israeli Zionists Against Torture The Woman Prisoner

A communiqué issued by the Ministry for the affairs of Palestinian prisoners that Israel Zionist occupation in the last period of the targeted attack focuses on the psychological female prisoners, including beatings, flushing with gas, and harassment of female honor. All of this is a serious violation of the principles of human rights (Human Rights) and contrary to all international and humanitarian conventions. Thus, the Ministry for the affairs of Palestinian prisoners demanded to put pressure on the Zionist Israel to release all female prisoners.

In the communiqué was explained that the 45 female prisoners, three of whom are minors, their age is less than eighteen years. They are still located in Hasharon prison and Damon. They were among seven hundred women who were kidnapped during Al-Aqsa Intifada. Explained also that the Zionist Israeli occupation has kidnapped nearly ten thousand female prisoners since 1967.

The communiqué warned that one female prisoner who was underage were often faced with acts of sexual harassment trial. This was revealed through the recognition of prisoners woman to the lawyers from the Department for the affairs of Palestinian prisoners in his last visit, and various other sufferings endured by women prisoners in general.

Systematic Torture

In a communiqué it is said that the Zionist Israeli intelligence did not distinguish between male prisoners and female prisoners. Therefore, any female prisoners also face beatings, humiliation, intimidation, and abuse. As the Israeli Zionist army unit was not accompanied by a female soldier who will serve to capture the women.

In the communiqué was presented the testimony of a female prisoner, Qahirah Saadi, a mother of four children. He has been sentenced to life three times, in addition sentenced to thirty years. He said that during the imprisonment of Israeli Zionist soldiers, he was often beaten, abused, and abused with insults various form, by calling a vicious and dirty women.

He said that after he was arrested by the Israeli Zionist soldiers, so he was beaten with rifle butts, interrogated naked, placed in scary places for several days while the hands and feet tied to the discussion in a detention room is quiet and silent. This place is an interrogation center of the head jailer, who was in Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Israeli Zionist occupied.

Saadi also explained that later he was transferred to the dungeon with no light, very very humid, and filled with cockroaches, insects and rats. He included in this dungeon for nine days.

Suffering continues

According to the communiqué , the prisoners complained about the condition of women in prison. They explained that they were treated very rude and cruel. They live in unbearable conditions, including aspects of life and the psychological by the actions of prison management.

They complained that life was so crowded in the prison space, the spread of skin diseases due to high humidity, and they do not get medical services (medical) worth of prison management.

The communiqué warned that the suffering of the prisoners who had married women are two-fold. Said about the situation of women prisoners are freed, Khawlah Zitawi Muhammad, who was arrested after her husband, in which when arrested he left two daughters who were young. And for seven days in jail he got various models of psychological and physical torture.

According to a statement accompanied by a curse to the Zionist Israel from a woman who never felt the cruel Israeli prisons. He said: "I am placed in a quiet room and frightening alone on a chair. My hands were handcuffed to the back for hours. Then I was interrogated with a lie detector several times, and at the time of interrogation that I fainted. Thus, I suddenly felt that I was there at the hospital, with both hands and feet shackled, and my eyes covered, too. "

Zitawi said that the kidnappers had threatened him, with the threat that he forever will never again see her children after today, unless he was willing to admit what he alleged against him.

There Can not Visit

This communiqué also to tell about what she saw as collective punishment against the female prisoners, political prisoners and their families through the barriers and obstacles created by prison authorities in front of them, with the requirement that they have obtained special permission to visit their children and their relatives are arrested and transferred by Israel to prisons in Israel.

Communiqué affirms that the cruel and heinous acts in contravention of Article (49) of the Geneva convention on the protection of civilians in time of war, which prohibits the transfer of mass or individual of a protected citizens from the occupied territories to colonial territories, then transfer it for whatever reason prohibited.

Some female prisoners said that their family members can not visit, or even talk to them over the phone even if not allowed.

Also do not give to women prisoners time special visit to the house, even in most emergency situations. As the prison management to create different rules prisoner's family, as examined by opening all the clothes, before they are allowed to enter the visiting room, and the same is done to the children.

Ministry for the affairs of prisoners and ex-prisoners the are communiqué issued an appeal in which it demanded the release of all Palestinian prisoners, particularly women prisoners, and stop the violations against them.

So is asking the international community and the institutions of human rights, institutions and the Palestinian solidarity organizations to create pressure on the Zionist Israeli occupation authorities to stop the violations against the rights of Palestinian women prisoners, which exceeds the standards and norms of humanity.

And calls for support as much as possible to the problems of women prisoners to strengthen their steadfastness during the detention. (, 30/08/2009)


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