High-Tech Bedroom

If you think the bed is made only to sleep, think again - or at least try to sleep in the bed of this one. Futuristic bed designed by HiCan is so powerful, such as the bed virtual all-in-one. Private and comfortable to read, relax, sleeping or awake with full entertainment.

A theater screen can be drawn at the foot of the bed to enjoy television or movies from DVD. Computer (PC) connected to the Internet make sure you can still complete your work and keep in touch with your friends. Console games are also available built-in here. Reading lamp and the light dimmed to sleep has also been integrated, live remote click.

The bed is placed in suitable apartments with an area of limited, so needed a gadget-gadgets and a practical compact that does not take place too.

HiCan bed was first displayed in the title Well Tech Village in Milan and the Milan Design Week 2009, and at this time can be reserved for moved to your apartment.

See below Videos (YouTube):

Unfortunately, this bed very high price, $ 59,000 dollars (almost 600 million) just for a bed, not including other bedroom furniture, but it is also not included, including shipping costs plus installation. Interested?


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