Dating Sites collapse, Embarrassing Action Spreads to Facebook

Jakarta - A dating site specifically Christians burglarized irresponsible parties. As a result of break-ins, the disgraced site users to Facebook.

Burglary was allegedly originated from the break-ins at a Christian University. The data from the campus server is then used to break into an account at a special dating sites Christians and continues to Facebook.

As quoted from TheNextWeb, Monday (24/8/2009), the piercing was sent to an online forum Further action allegedly originated from the forum that often connected with various actions that smelled of pornography.

On Facebook, some accounts give way then display the messages that are not appropriate. For example, one student was showing the status as if they had had sex with his partner.

The pictures are not obscene and false messages to the victim's friends and relatives were sent. The messages are sent, including the recognition of homosexuality, to change his religion or have been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

However alarming, some financial accounts are also breaking from this action. Includes online payment service PayPal and Amazon's online store.

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