Craziest Roller Coaster In The World

You are a fan of Roller Coaster? Here you may already enjoy in Ancol, Jakarta. If you already feel sick to get in and wary to drive it again , never try Roller Coaster from these following:

1. Kingda Ka Roller Coaster

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster is the highest and fastest in the world. Location in the park Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. With the speed 206 km / hour in 3.5 seconds and its tower has a 139 meters high.

This time at an altitude of 139 meters:

2. Roller Coaster Top Thrill Dragster

One that is similar to Roller Coaster Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio:

3. Roller Coaster 4 Dimensions

Roller Coaster 4 dimensions at this time began to decorate gardens in the world of entertainment, from Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Eejanaika in Japan, to the new Galaxy Orbiter at West Edmonton Mall, Canada. Roller Coaster is not only form the rotating loop, but each its train play 360 degrees, I guarantee the Mania of Roller Coaster come sick. EEjanaika is the most rapid and tallest with the most upside row.

X - the World's First "xtreme" Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain:

This additional effect introduced spin in the prototype "Arrow Dynamics" in 2002, making it the Roller Coaster never be made. See also the Ultimate Roller

Galaxy Orbiter (West Edmonton Mall, Canada):

Eejanaika, Japan - mostly upside down, may be here also shouting hysterical oldest.

You can see the process of construction Eejanaika here.

4. Most unforgettable experience

Roller Coaster This is called "Expedition Everest" Ride in Orlando's Animal Kingdom. Construction can still be extended (opened in 2005, the process its constructed see here), but who now have enough experience to create a pro-Roller Coaster is unforgettable.

I see its unique sensation :

Although not the fastest or the most I faint, but enough to make hysterical hysterical small-plus a few surprise found.

5. Another record in Japan

This one is not the most extreme, especially not the fastest, but I just pulse and nausea, the nausea does not make love to the height. Roller Coaster is a unique one is the record holder in the world of late. "The Skycycle" or call the "Walking Roller Coaster" and have a "fear factor" that is distinctive, especially the height and how drive it.

"The Skycycle" Washuzan at Highland Park in Okayama:

The latter is not known a lot of details, but I quite surprise. Can be found at Yokohama, Japan, 30 minutes south of Tokyo.


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