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This is the first "Award" i've ever received from blogger friend, i'm very appreciated that. and i would like to give this continuation award to other blogger friends, just ask me if you want it., so i will give it to you for free!!. :), this Award bring a link, it's meaning to raise up the PR (Page Rank) by take these links below to your site or blog:

1. Imam setiawan
2. Sunset
3. Deni (Betawi)
4. Mas Doyok
5. Nophie's Corner
6. Dedy Grace
7. Mlaty ajah
8. Krisbiatno
9. Lembaga Pelatihan (
10. Irfan rasyid (

Then I will give this award to the following:

For the friends who receive it ... please spread up again to other friends, the way that you can delete link number 1 and add a link on your own at number. 10. And so on ...

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4 Responses to "Award from"

HeQris Says :
11 Agustus 2009 01.29

Aku gak depet ya..ya udah wes gpp,,kasih ini sob:
Free Template Blogspot

Tutorial Blog

bangteh Says :
11 Agustus 2009 21.55

bisa sob, award ini memang tuk dibagi-bagikan.. nah sekarang resmi awrd ini bertambah untuk sobatku Heqris.. thanks

anez Says :
12 Agustus 2009 08.48

thaks buat award nya..gimana cara ngambil awardnya gimana sob...???maklum newbie....

bangteh Says :
12 Agustus 2009 20.48

boleh diposting boleh enggak. tinggal copy paste, taro link-mu di urutan blog paling bawah 'n' hapus blog urutan paling atas.. :buttrock::thumbsup:B-)

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