Australian Dinosaur Find Three New Species

Fossils of the three new species of dinosaur discovered by a joint Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum and the Queensland Museum expedition in Winton, Queensland. (Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images)

SYDNEY --- Fossils of three new species of dinosaurs have been found in Australia, one including meat-eaters larger than Velociraptor like in the movie Jurassic Park, showing Australian prehistory may have a more complex.

Two of these are plant-eating (herbivorous) and other meat-eater (carnivore), the first large dinosaurs unearthed since 1981, found in Queensland and lived 98 million years in the mid-Cretaceous period.

"It not only shows us two new species of giant with a wonderful long neck continent Australia residents of the past, but also our first introduction to the real deadly predators," said palaeontologist John Long, head of science at Museum Victoria.

Palaeontologist Ben Kear of La Trobe University in Melbourne said the findings would prepare the way for new studies on Australian dinosaurs and their environment.

"Australia is one of the great resources that have not been used in our knowledge about life and the age of the Dinosaurs," Kear said. "These findings reinforce certain interest because until now there has been no comprehensive study."

Australian dinosaur fossil record is very small presence compared with North America, South America and Africa.

Revealed a new dinosaur species is cooperation between the Age of Dinosaurs Museum and the Queensland Museum in Winton Queensland outback.

Claws gripping

Meat-eating theropod dinosaurs and given Australovenator or Banjo (Banjo, call this dinosaur from the name Australian poet Banjo Patterson) and two plant-eating sauropod dinosaurs are named Wintonotitan and Diamantinasaurus.

"He is a cheetah in his time, Banjo light bodied and lively. Animals are in the open can catch almost all of its prey with ease," said Scott Hocknull, author of dinosaur discoveries, published Friday in PLoS One ( / home. action)

"Features that distinguish the three large sharp talons on each hand. Theropod Unlike some who have small hands (like T Rex), Banjo different. Arm is a weapon. He is the answer to Australia Velociraptor, but larger and more terrible, "said Hocknull.

"Banjo" the most brilliant of the family's biggest meat-eating dinosaurs, carcharodontosaurs, a group of dinosaurs that evolved rapidly, such as Giganotosaurus, he said.

The two different plant-eating dinosaurs from titanosaur, the largest species of dinosaur that ever lived.

Wintonotitan is an animal that resembled a tall giraffe, a short fat hippo exceed Diamantinasaurus, Hocknull said.

Two dinosaurs found buried with over 98 million years in a 'Billabong' or a big pond.

"Billabong-Billabong built as an Australian trust associated with mystery, ghosts and monsters," Hocknull said, referring to Waltzing Matilda Patterson created a poem, which tells of a "Swagman" or a bush man who jumped into the Billabong and drowned after cops try and arrest him for stealing sheep.

Hocknull say more than hundreds of the fossils are still prepared to digalian and there need more material. (new era / art)


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