Wheel chairs Moving With strength of mind

TOKYO - TOKYO - A group scientists claim to have found a way to run a wheelchair using only the strength of mind.

through the Telegraph, on Thursday (2/7/2009), a wheelchair was successfully created by original Japanese automobile company, Toyota, through research funded by involving a group of scientists.

To move the wheelchair, the user must use the special cover that is connected with the machine that is connected to the brain (electroencelograph machine). Later, the machine will read the signals from the brain and then translated into a movement, through the assistance that is integrated with kommputer wheelchair.

"Users no longer need the assistance of others to encourage wheelchair. Just think of what should be done in the wheelchair, the chair itself that will do what you want. To the right, left, forward, backward. To stop, the user simply move chin to bottom, "said the Toyota.

The researchers from Toyota added wheelchair has a 95 percent response precisely movement. They hope that this technology can be used for the purposes of supporting the rehabilitation of wheelchair users, both physical and psychological.

According to Toyota, this wheelchair is a device of mind with a quick response. This device has the ability to translate thought into movement in the time format 125 milisecond. Very much compared to the same technology in a different device, the ability responnya reached 7 seconds. (srn)


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