Video & Photos of JW Marriot & Ritz Carlton Explosion

CCTV video from tv channel TVONE, download video here

Police have to ensure that bomb at the hotel JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton is a suicide bombing. The suicide bombing that killed ascertained. Now, the image of the suicide bombing that wide circulation. "Two of suicide bombing killed," said Kapolri General Bambang Hendarso Danuri to journalists, Friday (17/7/2009). Body of the second suicide bombing that destroyed dissolved. His head from his body apart. Head of the Ritz Carlton Hotel is broken, because the skull shell head exfoliate. The face of bombs killed at Ritz Carlton is rather difficult to identify.

Meanwhile, the discount that is found in the Marriott Hotel is still intact. Images of the snippet that is found in the Marriott this is circulating via email and Blackberry Messenger. From the photos, the face is very easy to recognize.

Until now, police have not said clearly the identity of the second suicide bombing. However, already mentions Kapolri men initialed N. Detikcom information obtained, one of the actors called Nurdin Aziz. He is the 808 room Marriott hotel. But who Nurdin Aziz and groups from which he, not clear

A second of explosion tragedy in the Bom at Ritz-Carlton, pictures and photos exclusive show someone the possibility of a man, dressed in strange enough for the morning in the hotel have a hat with a jacket. No communication or lyrics left-right and walk towards a point in the restaurant, only about two minutes and one second explosion occurred. People cause 12 died and tens of people injured.

Usually hotels used this place to meet and stay on the board is quite strict with security. CCTV Video seconds bomb explosion, CCTV Video Security Ritz Carlton Hotel, and continue to catch hold of this person to the dynasty and also Erlangga Mega Kuningan Restaurants Jakarta.









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CCTV video from tv channel TVONE, download video here,,

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