Unique Photos From Full Eclipse 2009

This is a unique collection of photo images from various countries in Asia over 22 total solar eclipse in July 2009, There are many unique things from people in the country to response this natural phenomenon,










Full solar eclipse happens again this week around 22 July 2009 at 07.00 wib. Unfortunately can not see the full view from Indonesia because the path does not pass it line. Countries that can see the full eclipse of the sun, among others in India and Pakistan. The following images eclipse the sun from different countries.
Untaian Gerhana

Series is the solar eclipse. A city that skipped into the dark because the sun is closed during the month a total of approximately 6 minutes. Photo: Reuters / Stringer.

Gerhana 1

Eclipse is still some time in the area of Multan, Pakistan. Great photographs. Photo: AP Photo / Khalid Tanveer.

Gerhana 2

Total solar eclipse in Varanasi, India. Photo: AP Photo / saurabh Das.

Gerhana 3

Viewed from Quezon City, Philippines. Photo: AP Photo / Aaron Favila.

Gerhana 4

Difficulty in Pekanbaru, Riau. Pekanbaru the sky conditions and cloudy foggy smoke disrupt this sun eclipse observation. Photo: Compass Image - Tribun Pekanbaru / Melvinas Priananda.

Gerhana 11

A student in the Philippines compare with the reflection of a shadow eclipse chocolate. Photo: AP Photo / Aaron Favila.

Gerhana 5

View from above the plane in Patna, India. Photo: AP Photo / Shreya Sahai.

Gerhana 7

Mothers see the eclipse, while praying in the river Gangga, India. Photo: AP Photo / Rajesh Kumar Singh.

Gerhana 6

From Hyderabad, Pakistan Photo: AP Photo / Shakil Adil.

Gerhana 8

Children witness the eclipse are in Osaka, Japan. Photo: AP Photo / Junji Kurokawa.

Gerhana 9

View from the Huang He Lou Tower in Wuhan, China. Photo: AP Photo.

Gerhana 10

There are images that use x-ray to see lunar eclipse in Multan, Pakistan. Photo: AP Photo / Khalid Tanveer.

Gerhana 12

Seal wear glasses participated in the International Aquarium, Tokyo, Japan. Mau liat eclipse seems to follow-up. Photo: AP Photo / Itsuo Inouye.

Eclipse Look Like The Dome of Mosque


Photos issued by China's Xinhua news agency shows total solar eclipse in China form a domed mosque. Photo is taken in the area of Ningxia Hui.

Eclipse the sun has caused scientists, students and observers gathered in the natural open space in China to immortalize the rare moments.

According to Chinese tradition, eclipse the sun caused the sun is eaten by a dog heaven. So that the sun does not evaporate, Chinese people making a noisy to dissipate a dog and to save the sun, said Bill Yeung, president of the Hong Kong Astronomical Society.

"In the story of ancient China, we have the same story in India where the eclipse of the sun is not good," he said.

China Eclipse

Shanghai city in China known as the best place to see the sun eclipse. Obviously tourists from all over the world come to see the phenomenon that, in the solar corona where the most front of atmosphere of the sun becomes visibly.

"You will not be able to find the right words for revealing," said Charles Fulco astronomy teacher in New York as quoted CNN. "You will be hooked and want to see again." [Ito]


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