This is the chronology Details Torture 4 Indonesian Students in Egypt

Amni Daulah (Egypt Police) suspected to torture of four Indonesian students studying in the middle of Al-Azhar University. They were arrested during the four days and had experienced violence and obscene treatment.

News of torture was one of the victims, Fathurrahman (23), the sister Roudhatul Firdaus who live in pekanbaru, Riau via the internet. Following chronology of events of the four students who are re-told by Firdaus Roudhotul.

Originally, Egyptian police came to the rented house that the students on 28 June at around 02.30 local time. When the police came that was 12 people. Five of them with weapons in hand. Five other police only wear as civilians. A visible police bring handspike other, and one more person brings wire Scissor .

That night the four students are in the rented house with a guest named Jakfar. Fathurrahman kos is a place to rent with four other students, each Ahmad Yunus, Azril, Tasrih Sugandi, and Nasution Ismail. When the incident Nasution Ismail origin Tapanuli Selatan (North Sumatra) is not in that place.

Students call the police to enter and they ask for a visa, while several other police search the house immediately without notifying the purpose and objectives of the letter indicated or comb. Approximately 15 minutes after the ransack the house, said Roudhatul, police do not seem to find what they are looking for.

"My brother had to catch a phone conversation that the police sought-search was not found," said Roudhatul. Based on the information, he added, Egyptian police actually searched Nasution Ismail without known reason.

Roudhatul, said at the time the police finally told the students to turn all the computers belong to them, there are three computers in the house, but still can not find what they are looking for. However, suddenly the police get mad because the posters to see Syeikh Ahmad Yasin, one of the Palestinian Hamas leader, Ismail Nasution property in one of the walls of a room and ordered that the property be immediately.

A student who tried to throw off a poster that gets three times in the back scat police because he was too slow rate of the strip. Police eventually return home and take the rifle several book-length Dr Yusuf Al Qardhawi, Cendikiawan Egypt that had prisoned because the local government involvement in the hard line Islamic movement Ikhawanul Muslims.

The police then escort the student to the hapless prisoners who parked car about 30 meters from the rented house. However, only four students are taken away as a guest which Jakfar be named for reasons not yet age.
He said, Fathurrahman confess one of the police had to fly to the back of the brunt of the students.

The student is ultimately up to the police office not long after dawn adzan reverb. Police dressed in civilian cover their eyes with cloth, and bring them to a room is dirty and stinking measuring approximately 4 x 4 meters. All goods, such as their mobile phone be confiscated by the police, and they were not given the opportunity to call the family.

"In the room that the students are allowed to sit without overblow the feet to approximately hour 8:00 am local time," said Roudhatul cite the words of her brother.

They eventually undergo the process of interrogation after breakfast get a lollipop. He said, Fathurrahman was surprised because the rooms are also many prisoners as they range from citizenship. Fathurrahman says he can still remember that at that time there were 19 people hostage, including four students, the two French citizens, one Canadian, five of Algeria, and the rest of Russia.

Electric shocked in the genitalia

Roudhatul said, students are suffering continues and the more severe during the process of interrogation. He said that her brother get a turn after the interrogation adzan Dzuhur reverb. However, just Fathurrahman enter the interrogation room with eyes closed cloth, genitalia her brother get electric shocked directly.

Student majors in Sharia Al-Azhar University was presented to a police desk and ask who the owner posters Syeikh Ahmad Yasin that be from their home. And answer questions after that, buttocks Fathurrahman electric shocked back several times.
After that, a police force to open the clothing Fathurrahma and sit on the floor in a naked condition. Foot curly blond student is overblow and tied, and both hands are also tied to the back.

"Initially the police ask a simple question like where my brother prayer, and whether he always attended every lecture. But each of the questions out, police electriced back in the hands to the his genital," said Roudhatul.

According to Fathurrahman, continued, questions from the police finally start directly on their alleged involvement with a terrorist network and the hard line Islamic movement. Police Fathurrahman ask whether the people of Egypt and play football with them, whether he met with Osama bin Laden, the jihad movement, and whether he was a member of Ikhawanul Muslims. The process of interrogation that lasted about 20 minutes and each of the questions he was given electriced in a whole body, such as the thigh, belly, nipple. "Until now it is still used electriced imprint on the body of my brother," he said.

The students are suffering continues after the interrogation process, and they moved to arrest "Hay Sittah" (district six). There they arrested to the size of a detainee as much 3.5 x 4 meters of 19 people charged. The room is only equipped with a toilet, the torch lights dim, an air hole, and without a window so that prisoner can not distinguish night and day.

"While in custody in this they were not provided food and water, so they are forced to drink water in the bathroom. There, the students also had to buy their own food through the police in custody, and two days of eating only two bowl kosari (fruit fern) , "said Roudhatul.

Four students arrested in this dismal place for two days until the release date of 1 July 2009. On Wednesday (1 / 2) early morning at around 02.00 local time, they released some of the messages from the police, they should gather together Ikhwanul Muslims, they only learn enough in Egypt, and the police will return them to Indonesia if they are arrested again .


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