The stone has been found mysteriously in Kupang, NTT


One of Kupang NTT, Willi Soeharly have some photos that allegedly artifak is a UFO. Stone images he comes home late from C. A. Castillo, a geology researcher Spanish descent living in Kupang that died in the year 1994.Batu found by alm. Castillo when doing research in Satan Hill, Oesu'u - Regency Kupang. In a place such as the cave he saw piles of stone that strange, and never be tried in fact very hard stone.
Form of the mysterious stone that as there are two stones tied and there is the image the stars, sun, and the people who are seen pointing upwards. There are also pictures arrow pointing to the 1 star.


According to Willy is now a team coordinator, field investigation, BETA-UFO Kupang and surrounding areas, stone contains magnets and is suspected of containing radioactive material. Refer to one email addressed to Willy community observer UFO Indonesia (BETA-UFO) Castillo said that the deceased died because of advanced age and sickness. The rock was found in the Bukit Nitnai in 1992 and first used there is a sign of ground burnt with three triangular-shaped black spot, a point with the other will be between 3-4 meters which is where UFO landed. Location has been reviewed but the third point because the erosion of black, as told by the deceased Castillo was not found. And only get a burn but the ground like a stone already. According to local people, in an 80-to 90-a lot of visible light lamp with a length of approximately 1 meter hang up in the trees around the hill. In fact it was not there is electricity, so people thought that the devil and Satan is called the Hill.
Coordinates for that location is at 10 ° 9'12 .15 "S - 123 ° 48'0 .57" E


the late Castillo's stone is still there and kept in the family home. When Willy wanted to take photos of the stone was reminded by his wife alm. Castillo so be careful not to damage his camera, because there have been a previous attempt to take photos but mysterious stone his camera even be damaged. However, Willy finally succeeded in taking a photo with the stone that the Nokia N73 camera phone.
According to Castillo, the local people often see the mysterious object, such as neon lights go down in Satan Hill. Also added by him, the devil Hill contains many uranium. Willy had to ask Mining hill that Satan indeed contain uranium but it is still quite young.
Willy also returned in 1993 have occurred in UFO sight Perumnas Oebobo, Kupang. Apparently it happens frequently and was witnessed by local residents, after a strange phenomenon in 1993 is never shown again.
Then Ngilmina in the region, located on the border between Kupang and Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan Kabupaten approximately 1983 cases have occurred a sand disinari (highlighted) by the mysterious light. That time have told 3 people that want to mine sand suddenly one of them by tersorot light. After the incident was afraid if people would make up the electronic goods.


Picture / sketch on the surface of the stone is almost similar to a bill brought by PIONEER XUkuran vehicle outer stone is quite small, approximately equal to two-fist, this stone is kept by children alm. Castillo named Alfred. Interesting that when the mysterious stone in the house seem Castillo a UFO shaped like a plate with a diameter of about 5-7 meters and there are blue lights underneath. Objects are flying low altitude compared with the high electricity pole, swing-swinging backwards as forward roll.


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