Scientists Ready For Artificial Brain

Oxford - The development of science allows people to create artificial brain for the first time, just wait for in 10 years forward. Therefore the claim that Swiss scientists who joined in the Blue Brain Project.

Scientists who joined in the project is the first time who try to artificial brain by recalculate character of billions of neuron brain with the computers helping.

The plan, synthetic human brain that will be created that will be inspected to understand how the information of five sense from the outside world translated and saved. In addition, as a new way to investigate brain diseases without the need to experiment on animals.

Speaking at Oxford University, UK, professor Henry Markham, the director of the project has successfully claimed have stimulated brain neocortex, the part to handle growing social situations.

they create 3D simulation around 10,000 of brain cells to mimic the nature of rat brain neocortex. The beginning of this step to make them optimistic can make a human brain function with the exact same with original brain in 10 years.

"You need one laptop to calculate only one neuron, so that you will need ten thousand laptop (to finish)," he said as quoted dilansir Guardian and detikINET, Friday (24/7/2009).

But to perpetuate the process, they chose the IBM super computer Blue Gene. Are they the ambitious dream will realized? Time that will answer it. (Fyk / faw)


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