Prevent H1N1 Virus, Eat "Tempe"

LONDON - There is the first time in Mexico, swine flu or the more we know as pig flu has spread to the world. Even Indonesia is not a place that is safe from the spread of the H1N1 virus.

In East Java there are several cases. The latest are two families, each of Malang and Surabaya, indicated attack by swine flu. Now they have to undergo quarantine at hospitals Syaiful Anwar Hospital Malang and Surabaya Dr Soetomo.

According to the head of the team's flu pandemic from the UK Health Protection Agency, Dr Nick Phin, basically is an important immune. And that immunity can be obtained from eating healthy foods so that the body has the opportunity to fight the virus.
"People are more or less vulnerable to nutrient infection. It is large and for the people, the pattern of eating healthy and balanced is an important factor for maintaining the body's immune system, "explained Doctor Phin.

Of course we still have to follow the recommendation, including the prevention of the mouth with a tissue when sneezing. Then immediately put in the trash. Wash hands as often as possible is recommended to prevent contracting the virus H1N1.

However, if the virus is attacked, the food we consume that is the function to optimize the strength of the membrane in the ear, nose, throat, and to establish a stronghold in the body against foreign organisms

Food that high protein as red meat, chicken, eggs, and fish, milk, or dairy products are highly recommended to be day-to-day food. Similarly pea and soy based foods such as tempe, knew, or susu soya.

The types of foods that supply nutrients that are necessary for the establishment of epithelial cell membrane in the ear, nose, and throat. One of the three portions of food in a day can increase the strength of the network a stronghold in the body.

Complete the menu with the day-to-day fruit and vegetable color orange or dark green. For example carrots, dust, APRICOT, mango, spinach, and cabbage. Vegetables and fruits that have the womb of high vitamin A and that is the body nutrition that is needed to strengthen the respiratory membrane.

If the virus actually enters the body, turn white blood cells that fight should be. When that vitamin C plays an important role to mobilize forces against the virus.

Because we can not store vitamin C in the body, food sources of vitamin C must be a part in the daily menu. This can be obtained from paprika, spinach, and citrus family, give, or frozen beans. Canned fruit, orange juice or grapefruit in the packaging can also help.

Troops to fight the virus is cell T. Mineral called zinc is essential for the formation of this antibody. If we have this lack of antibody, cough and cold easy to attack. Good, antibody preparation can normalized with sufficient zinc in the food needs of day-to-day.

This mineral can be obtained from meat, eggs, seafood such as crab, oyster, fish and Sardine. Whole grains and pumpkin is good content. But the first group of zinc more easily digested.

Iron is also essential for the body's immune. Lack of iron causes collapsed of immunity system so that we more susceptible to swine flu virus.
Food sources of iron are similar to the food source of zinc. But we need to add the form of multivitamin supplements and minerals that contain 100 percent of the recommended amount, which is 14.8 milligram per day.

Another super nutrition to maintain immunity system. That is called allicin. Nutrition is easily obtained. One of way is consuming garlic. Allicin's ability to help block the virus penetrate the damaged network. Suing one day raw garlic can steer us from the pain.

Research conducted by the University of North Carolina, USA, mentions that for the general protection against the influenza virus can be given mineral selenium. This can be obtained from the Brazil nut. Enough grain to meet the three day-to-day needs.

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