No Doomsday In 2012

I also seem to many fans come 2012. There are actually what, so people are interested and believe easily on issues such as this?

He said, the world will end on 21 December 2012! list of number of interesting that you make directly shocked and mutter, "Ah ... surely also true I get news." So, without more research, you said come live 3 years longer. Or if you do not believe the theory of Resurrection, you directly commented, "The Lord knows when the Day of Resurrection," "Ah ye idolaters ...", or "That information spread by people not religious." Once again, all the information only be swallowed without searched

Maya pyramid ethnic heritage.

So, because the world will come in a minute, stop planning life, your career, no longer need to think to have a house, married flee before the Day of Resurrection, and make sure you can have fun enjoy life before the Day of Resurrection. Or, repent flee. Do not come up when you have not even repent. Three more years !.

Some people said, this might be a strange discussion. Almost every time we hear about various theories of Resurrection ... and the fact we still have here. No one theory has proven correct. But, why so important in 2012?

He said, will stop Maya calendar year 2012, and then become a kind of new religion and belief, the belief in the community. Ignore all reason and the scientific community, ultimately bringing in the new concern. Forget NOSTRADAMUS, Y2k, and all the other input of Resurrection, because once again according to the forecast in 2012, Planet X will return and destroy the Earth.

Ok ... we used to stop here and let us study the reasons that appear on this come 2012. And for you fans of the Maya Calendar prophecy, I have bad news for you all. Will not have come in the year 2012 ... and this is why, please watch!.

Maya calendar

What is the Maya calendar? This calendar is organized by a civilization that is known by the name Maya in the range of 250-900 M. The proof of the presence of Maya civilization can be seen from the rest of the kingdom in all the southern part of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Savador, and some of Honduras.

Evidence from history, the Maya ethnic communities have the ability to write well and also the ability to build a city and town planning. In the case of building, famous tribe of Maya pyramid with the building and many other large buildings. Not only that, in culture, the tribe of Maya civilization provides a very large influence on the culture Central America. The influence is not only in terms of civilization but also in the indigenous population in the area. Until now, a number of Maya tribe still remain and continue the tradition of those who have aged thousands of years.

Maya tribes in their lives using several different calendars. For them, time is a circle with the spiritual. Calendar is used for practical matters, such as for social life, agriculture, trade and administrative purposes. However, there is a large religious element in it which gives effect. For the Maya tribe, each day has a different ruh masks so that each day has a different function as well. Very different from the life of the modern Gregorian calendar, which only set the calendar as the time associated with administrative matters, social life and economic purposes.

Most of the Maya calendar has a shorter time period.

* Calendar Tzolk'in expire in 260 days
* Calendar of Haab 'year 1 gives the estimated 365 days of sun.

Maya tribes merge and form the second this calendar "Calendar Round", the cycle will end after 52 Haab (about 52 years or one generation long range). In the "Calendar round" there is Trecena (13 day cycle) and Veintena (20 day cycle). It seems that the system cycles this effect by considering the number of days in 52 years is 18,980 days.

For Maya peoples, science and religion is one. They build a system of mathematics and astronomy which is quite impressive, is associated with their beliefs. Achievement in math notation can be seen on the position and the use of zero. In astronomy, they accurately calculate the sun years, doing hours compiling the table position and Venus, and predict eclipse Sun. Maya tribes also have a calendar for the "Venus Cycle" which is quite accurate. Venus calendar was based on the location of Venus in the night sky. The same also seems to be on the other planets.

System of "Calendar Round" is indeed very good to remember the day of birth or religious period. However, to record history, this calendar can not be a criterion can not record because the event is older than 52 years.

End of the calculation length = World End?

Because I can not record the history of the event is older than 52 years, The Maya have another solution. With the method is quite innovative, they can expand the reach of "Calendar Round" which was only 52 years.

At this point, Maya calendar will appear very ancient, and even can be made only based on religious belief, cycle days, mathematical calculations or cycle with the unit 13 and 20 as the basic calculation, along with a mixture of mythological beliefs. The only principle that has a calendar correlation with the modern calendar is just to identify the length of the Haab year the sun 365 days. In response to a longer calendar, The Maya calendar system to make "Long Count" or "length calculation," calendar that will end after 5126 years.

Maya calendar system for the "Long Count" is really interesting, and the numeric can be predicted with accuracy and can refer to the calendar in history. basicly this depends on the calculation of the unit 20. Modern calendar at this time using the basic calculation unit 10.

Well how calculations?

Years in the "Long Count" calendar, Maya, starts from Each 0 represents the number 0-19 digits, and each number represents the calculation of day-to-day Maya tribe.

For the first day, the calendar will be like this:, and on the day-to-19 will become If the number reaches 20, so so caledar must be: This calculation shows will to and one year for a range of 20 years and for range 400 years. Thus, dismantling will calendar for the day-to-1 in the months to 7 years and in 1012.

So, what relationship with the end of the world?

Maya tribe is obsessed with time. Understanding and input on various cycles of time will give them the ability to adapted in the life of the world. According to the Maya cosmology of the nation, this world was created 5 times and 4 times destroyed. Scale in the meantime, many days in a year is considered suitable for a particular activity, while the other part is unlucky.

Well, according to Maya belief tribe, something bad will happen if the calendar is "Long Count" ends. Many of the division is done by experts, but due to ethnic Maya numerical calculation base on the cycle 13 and 20, it could be their last day of the calendar is When is it? Figures represents 5126 years and the "Long Count" was started on 11 August ie 3114 BC according to the Gregorian calendar.

Nah, as such, Maya calendar ends 5126 years later, ie 21 December 2012. This is so basic ideas come about in the year 2012.

End of the World

It seems that when something ends, including the calculation of when the ancient calendar ends, people tend to think the possibility that the extreme will also participate expired. Either way what the world will end. Various arguments appear, among others, the Earth will be hit by a planet, asteroid, or somehow let alone a disaster. Basically, if the calendar ends the Earth will spreaded and destroyed.

Archaeological experts and also the people who matter expertise on mythology to believe that there will be the era of enlightenment that is shown if arrived. And this also does not mean will come or anything. There is no evidence to show the world will end. In fact, if there is, then the tribe of Maya can be successfully predicted a religious miracle.

Myths continue to grow, even the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seems to be made based on the myth Maya tribe. It is said, 13 the crystal skull will be able to save humanity from the Day of Resurrection. Myths in the film says, if the 13 ancient skull is not placed together in a certain time, Earth will be shifted from the angle. Interesting indeed for a film, can easily reach fans that believe in the myth ....

Not only that. Myth has said that the Earth will be destroyed by collision Planet X, the collision meteorit, suck by black hole, killed by Flare Sun, Earth explosion destroyed by gamma rays from star system, came the era of ice and a faster shift in polar magnet. Moreover, each input with its own evidence-evidence. And ultimately, so many come 2012 this cohort. Unfortunately, no one argued that it can be proven correct.

The fact that there are states prophecy of Resurrection Tribal pure Maya calendar is based on is not designed to calculate the calendar after 2012. This is because the tribe of Maya base calculations on the cycles 13 and 20.

Arkeo-even astronom Maya calendar problems still argue "Long Count" was. The question, whether this calendar will return to after or will continued to (approximately 8000M) and then back to

Quoted words of Karl Kruszelnicki in the "Great moments in Science":

"... When the calendar cycle, it will rotate back to the next cycle. In modern society, each of 31 December did not end with the end of the world, but the cycle was extended by the following January 1. Therefore, in the Maya calendar will be followed by or 22 December 2012, leaving only a few days for Christmas shopping needs. "

Maya calendar cycle may end, but a new cycle will be repeated again ... and bring a new day for the Earth.


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