New dinosaurs secret revealed

A dinosaurs fossil in a whole new secret reveals the one subject that has been extinct this animals.

Launch National Geograpic communication, Thursday (2 / 7) mentioned example hadrosaurus fossil found in the Dakota, the United States this animal showed the skin is similar to the descendants who still live in this modern period, such as crocodiles and other birds.

Scientists explain this finding in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B in which according to their protein in the skin hadrosaurus experiencing degradation. Amino acids that make proteins that are still on the skin.

Phil Manning from the University of Manchester with colleagues have implemented a number of different techniques to obtain information as possible from fossil that they find it.

Actual discovery of fossil "Dakota" This happened in 2004. However, scientists are able memelajarinya new carefully since years ago when fosilnya successfully moved from the place he is in stones.

Manning said of a number of tests carried out on the fossil, they ensure the existence of a theory of natural skin reptiles dinosaurs. They find the animal skin is quite thick as elephant skin. Ditambahnnya, future research will describe mebantu other secret about the life of dinosaurs in the past.

Meanwhile, scientists at the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, Montana now examine the fossil center "Leonardo", creatures such as beaked dinosaurs at the age of 77 million years which is also found in the whole situation.

According to Cory Coverdell, field instructors, said they are examples of the findings the findings of the potential for 70 percent of the covered body of animal skin that may contain minerals and organs in the body also stoned.


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