Man have been Landed On The Moon, Hoax?

The Crew Mobility Chassis Prototype, konsep kendaraan yang akan dipakai di permukaan Bulan saat wahana berawak diluncurkan ke sana tahun 2020. (SuaraMedia News)

It was not longer a secret that conspiracy to make someone who commoner to be easy to lay all affected, so do not try to fully trust someone, one of NASA. This is the news that really confusing, and maybe before this we were so sure to be 100% trusted.

Arizona (SuaraMedia News) - Forty years have passed since the news of success shocked by Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. was it true that astronauts Neil Armstrong had set foot on Earth's satellite?

Questions continue to encourage that accompany the story of the Apollo 11 mission and on the surface of the Moon landed on 21 July 1969.

Then, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin walking on the surface of the Moon. Video video depicts Armstrong put the U.S. flag and jump around. This action emphasizes the success of landing men on the Moon.

Several parties dispute the landing. Video video is full of curiosity. There is the video that is not made on the Moon, but in a special place in the vicinity of the State of Arizona, USA.

Astronom Phil Plait, including the sanction. He gives an explanation on the radio program "Are We Alone", which is managed SETI Institute. This is a non-profit organization in California, U.S., which focus on the explanation of the existence of aliens in the world.

Plait said, is skeptical that the parties have pictures Armstrong and Aldrin that shows the sky without stars. "There is no atmosphere on the moon so the stars should look brighter."

The question is also skeptical that the U.S. flag in the video snippets that appear to fly, the moon does not have air.

They also propose a theory that the astronauts may have been seared radiation penetrate the Van Allen belt in travel to the Moon.

Weakened trust

Matter of fact, belief in the moon landing was already weak in the last few years. This issue rise again when the 2001 Fox TV broadcast a program that given the title "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?"

Fox is the TV, said Dr. Tony Philips, on the Science @ NASA site, describing how the flight and to the U.S. (NASA) is not more than simply "the moronic film producer."

All doubt was often answered Direct Armstrong, Apollo 11 mission commander. Figure birth Wapakoneta, Ohio, 5 August 1930, with the astronauts Buzz Aldrin that have been enjoying the surface of the Moon for 2.5 hours.

Month in, they both drive in the U.S. flag and a banner reads "Here men from planet Earth first set foot. We came in peace for all mankind. "

Why was initially believed that many? For the U.S., landing on the Moon is a great achievement that the U.S. seems to excel when it's main competitor, the Soviet Union, in the space program.

One of the competitors for the U.S. at this time, Russia, the lie about the conspiracy theory moon landing in 1969 is becoming increasingly popular. Russia to create a number of sites and even a documentary film on television to deliver the lie big letdown in the Moon.


It may be, it also makes the former U.S. President George W Bush decided to eliminate the plane STS (Space Transportation System) flight in 2010 after accident of Columbia STS in 2003.

Instead, Bush in 2004 launched a more ambitious program, Constellation (constellation), which aims to bring residents back to the U.S. Moon in 2020, and use the Moon as a place to launch space plane, the full human Mars.

Michael Griffin, a former leader of NASA Constellation that encourage this program, explain, that STS make U.S. Survive too much long on space flight in low orbit, but now appear a new competitors in the space program, China. "We (the U.S.) must return to the Moon because it is the next step. Months only a few days from home. Mars is only a few months from the Earth, "said Griffin.

Unfortunately, the NASA budget is not enough to pay for the making of Constellations Orion capsule, the capsule and more advanced version capsule instead of Apollo. NASA is also lack of cost to set up rocket launchers Ares I and Ares V that is required to send the capsule to orbit.

Constellation is the overall cost is estimated to 150 billion U.S. dollars. Space exploration budget to U.S. in 2009 only 6 billion U.S. dollars.

Reasonable when Senator Bill Nelson (Florida) asserts, NASA will not be able to perform the task given to him, namely in the Moon in 2020. Senator former astronauts who are even concerned, when the program of STS ends off, the U.S. will not be able to send their astronauts space station, except the property of Russian Soyuz ride.

This is certainly a bad news for NASA and especially that of Armstrong's landed do not want to be in the Moon-teasing fun. However, there is way more simple verification, namely to find again the banners and flags stab by Armstrong with telescopes from Earth. Of the hope that the flag is still stay in place.

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