Kingston launch Flash Disk 128GB

still remember two or three years ago when the USB flash disk with a capacity of 2GB have felt relieved, while the price is quite expensive? Now flash disk with a large found the plural.

However, the latest bid Kingston are still surprising. Kingston DataTraveler 200 is its packed-largest 128GB capacity at this time. Unfortunately the price flash disk incridible is also expensive, even these. DataTraveler 200 sell with the price 546 U.S. dollars.

Amount of money that does not change as a flash disk with a robust design without close (capless), password protection, but also a built-in to secure important files stored on it, plus support for Windows ReadyBoost, and the warranty period for five years. One again, this 128GB flash disk because it is not exclusively sold in general, but when you made new order it.

However, if the 128GB is too big for you, just select a lower capacity, 64GB or 32GB. The price is certainly more affordable, and can be purchased freely in the market.


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