Give Thanks to Allah is not owned by Michael Jackson, but Zain Bhikha

Michael Jackson (MJ) have been converted to Islam was popular heard since the end of 2008 ago. When he died, many people try to find his islamic identity, Including that in the song Give Thanks to Allah is a his islamic song.

On Youtube, nasyid songs that can be easily found. Simply type keywords Michael Jackson Give Thanks to Allah, come out with the song lyrics. At the top of the screen between any posts "Michael Jackson song islam DOWNLOAD" or Michael Jackson - Give Thanks To Allah. The website is also a lot of lyrics as a song called MJ.

Clear voice that's very convincing that it is true that the song sung the King of Pop. Many Muslims who moved nasyid songs to listen to the news in the midst of grief journey man is 50 years.

In Indonesia, the song is also quite popular, especially among Muslims. In fact, there are also television and radio play a song with the call as nasyid MJ.

Snippet of a song lyric is:

Give thanks to Allah,
for the moon and the stars
prays in all day full,
what is and what was
take hold of your faith
dont givin to shaitan
oh you who believe please give thanks to God.

However after investigated, the song is not owned by MJ. Song writers and performers that is simple Zain Bhikha who lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. Men born in 1974 is often in cooperation with Yusuf Islam (the name of the Islam Cat Stevens) in launched the album.

Zain rather not know the song Give Thanks To God called many songs owned by MJ. Through blogs, Zain said that he receives many phone and email to ask whether the true Give Thanks to God sung by MJ.

"So to clarificate, Michael Jackson did not sing this song. I write and record Give Thanks to Allah as the children's song that simple a few years ago, "he said.


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