Baby With Two Head Born in Riau

A Baby With Double Head who live Regency Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), Riau, met his mother only had about five minutes before finally being taken to hospitals Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru for handling by better medical service.

"My child has met his mother, but only briefly, only five minutes and immediately brought to Pekanbaru," said the father of the baby, Badrun (33), told ANTARA in hospitals Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru, Friday night.

Badrun said Nurhayati meeting (23), the mother, and her son was in hospitals in Puri Husada tembilahan, Inhil, on Friday afternoon after the Friday prayers.

The meeting was, he said, progress is very short and the mother also has not had time to hug their children because it is still in a weak condition after undergoing surgery cesar.

"My wife also did not find time to hug her son, only to see it," he said.

Badrun said that himself also not even touching the skin of only the one of his children, even though they were in an ambulance during a car trip around six hours from Pekanbaru to tembilahan. that boy was already very desirable because the pairing is a son of the first since they were married for nine years.

"During the trip, my child is placed in a special box," he said.

According to the men who work as farmers, himself and all his family can only be patient to te condition and the future of their children. However, as a parent he had left behind a little hope that their children can still live normally.


"I can only patient receive my child's condition. But I still hope my children can be saved, "he said.

Badrun with children first arrived at the Arifin Achmad RSUD at around 20:00 WIB (West Part Of Indonesian Time).
the baby who have not given a name that is now intensively treated and placed in an incubator box at a special room separated from the baby's other hospitals in Pekanbaru.
Baby hapless pair of these children and Badrun Nurhayati, RT 3 Village residents Belanta Raya, Kecamatan ravine, and was born safely in hospitals through tembilahan cesar operation on Thursday night (23 / 7) at around 20:30 WIB.

According to the Director Puri hospitals Husada tembilahan, Alim Rasul, the birth of two babies is the first case occurred in Inhil. Born at the time, the condition of the baby in a state of health.

The baby is actually born with only one body, two legs, one kidney, one heart, one lung and one hole anus. At birth, the baby has a weight of 3200 grams, with a length of 43 centimeters.

However, Alim Rasul said the baby was also born with two heads, two necks, and two vertebrae. In addition, the baby's luck also have three hands. One small hand that is not normal in the neck between the two babies. Hand that has two small fingers.

"It seems likely the separation surgery would be difficult to see the condition of the baby," said Alim while the Apostle was calling from Pekanbaru. (Ant / v)


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