80+ Logo Designers Huge Essential Toolbox

Logos are visual images of the brands they represent. Having the right logo that delivers THE MESSAGE and that people recognize is really important. Good Logos are not easy to create or get hold of at all as it requres great knowledge of the business domain and target group to do it right. Logos must be relevant, timeless and perfectly aligned with the strategy and the products and or services offered.

In this article you will find a huge collection of Tutorials, Logo Inspirations and Online Tools and services that you may use to develop your brand and create the perfect Logo. This is the Logo Designers Huge Essential Toolbox that I’m planning to update now and then as I stuble upon new interesting resources.


A well-designed logo is probably one of the most important elements when it comes to design of corporate identity (CI). The logo has to be unique, describable, easy memorable, scalable and effective without color. The better a logo is designed, the greater is the probability that your potential clients will remember your CI and get back to you once your service is needed. If you’re considering to create a new logo and you need some basic skills, theory and inspiration to kick start the proces I’m quite sure what you need can be found below. Please if you’re aware of important Logo Resource that is not included in the post post a comment to share your information.

Logo Design Tutorials

Big Bocca – Illustrative Logo

Creating a logo for a company that thrives on creativity seems like it would be a no-brainer project. Well that isn’t always the case. This illustrative logo for an italian animation studio will show you a very quick turnaround and the design politics we sometimes have to deal with in our artistic pursuit to create the best work we can.

Drawing a Good Logo

UX Developer Nathan Smith discusses his method for creating an iconic logo design.

The process of redesigning a logo

Kristof Saelen discusses an effective course of action for updating an existing logo.

Jelly Remake

This is a great tutorial that shows how to create a candy-like logo and covers some good basic techniques you can use in Photoshop.

Skull logo Tutorial

Learn about the pen tool, pathfinders, and transforming objects while making a fairly basic but cool looking skull tattoo Logo.

Cloud Logo

Creating clouds in Photoshop seems to be quite popular these days, so in this tutorial I am going to be teaching you how to create a cloud logo for your site.

Modern Day Green Logo Tutorial.

In this tutorial psFreak is going to be teaching you how to use basic tools and methods to create your own logo from scratch.

Making a Logo

A very detailed and well analyzed and detailed article from Mihai Panu-Ionascu about logos and how create a logo.

Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

How to come up with the logo design? Whats is idea behind it? Chris Spooner writes about a detailed post about the process of creating a logo.

How to Design a Logo.

This is more like a guide line then tutorial. Jacob Cass from Just Creative Design explains how to design a logo in a must read detailed post.

Simple Multimedia Business Logo.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a glossy and professional logo for a multimedia business website.

Leaf Logo

Using photoshop preset shapes you can create an amazing leaf logo with a Web 2.0 style.

Piranha’s Revenge – Illustrative Logo

Artist Von. R. Glitschka discusses his creative process for designing an illustrative logo.

Logo Design Process Tutorial

Dryicons has some of the best icons on the web. Now, on these tutorial they present a logo tutorial: from sketching logo in paper to designing it in illustrator and printing in it paper again.

“This tutorial is intended to benefit both our potential clients, so they can have a fully comprehensive overview of our logo design process and methods; and many of our users, interested in the process of designing and developing a logo.”

Transformer Logo Tutorial

Using trace counter method create transformer logo in Illustrator. The goal is to recreate the new Transformers Movie Logos into highly customizable vector objects.

Designing a Cake Shop Logo

Need a logo for cake shop? This tutorial very nicely show how create a artistic cake shop logo .

Create a Planet Logo

This tutorial will show you the steps to create an effecive logo that has ribbons appear in a planet shape.

Simple Vector Logo Design

PSHERO shows how to create custom (vector) logos in photoshop.

Creating a Crazy Cool Logo

In this tutorial Fabio Sasso from Abduzeedo teachs you how to create a logo using shapes in Adobe Illustrator. A very cool concept.

Fitness Logo

Yet another tutorial that shows how to create a fitness logo using different techniques in photoshop.

Dark Logo in Photoshop

How about some dark logos? This tutorial shows how to create a dark logo, which you can your for those a gaming or dark layout websites.

Creating the Brand Identity for a Sports Team

This tutorial which comes in a PDF shows how to create a logo and turn it into a brand.

Medieval Crest Logo

Are you creating a historic website?Need a Medieval logo? This tutorial shows how to create a crest logo in photoshop.

Digg Logo in Illustrator

If you thought creating a digg logo/icon was hard, get ready to be surprised. This tutorial shows how create digg logo in easy steps everyone can follow.

Simple Vector Logo Tutorial

Another tutorial that takes simple approach on creating a vector logo.

Day 30: Designing a Logo

Learn how to create a logo design in Illustrator via this step-by-step tutorial.

Awesome Logo Using Anime Charater

This tutorial comes from a Professional Logo designer Gary Simon. He shows a detailed necessary process on creating a logo.

My logo design process

Graphic Designer David Airey shares his logo design process, including the very important step: the design brief.

Logo Presentation tutorial

You have logo that you want to perhaps print it on paper. This tutorial will teach you how to do that.

Logo design for Giacom

Logo design process for Ecometrica

Logo design and card for Hilcon

Logo design jigsaw

Volks Logo in Gimp

Create the Famous Volkswagen using Gimp.

Design the Firefox Logo in Photoshop

A detailed tutorial that shows how you can create the Firefox logo in a scalable photoshop format.

Professional Logo

Who said you can not design a logo like professional. Using photoshop pen tool you too can create a professional looking logo

A Brief Logo Tutorial

An HTML page tutorial shows how to add a refection after creating the logo in Vector.

Futuristic Web Logo Design Tutorial Using Photoshop

PSD Rockstar shows how to create an awesome logo using layer styles properties in Photoshop.

Logo Frustration

Take a peak into a real-world project to see an actual logo designer in action.

3D gradient logo in Illustrator

Nick La shows how to create create a 3d Logo in Illustrator, which is a great technique for making 3D graphic objects and icons.

Rectangular Glassy Logo

Create a glassy dark looking logo step by step in photoshop.

Skype-like logo in Pixelmator

Skype has a very cool looking logo. If you wanted create something like that this tutorial shows how create a similar logo like that.

Professional 3D Logo From Scratch

Very detailed tutorial on how to create a professional looking 3D logo in illustrator.

Making the ATI LOGO

This tutorial shows the recreation process of ATI logo in photoshop.

Creating the Logo / Identity for “Blackberry Creek Community Church”

You’ll see, from start to finish, the creation of a logo for the “Blackberry Creek Community Church”.

Step-by-step logo

Designer/Author Chuck Green shows us the general process he takes when designing a logo.

Constructing the Perfect Logo

This short tutorial goes over the general methods for constructing a logo.

Logo Designs for Inspiration

Beautiful And Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

You will find a collection of 40 more beautiful and creative logo designs to inspire you. Browsing through the showcase, you will notice many trends. Some of these include the usage of simple shapes to create something complex, origami shapes, coloring and transparency trends, and many more.


LogoPond is a logo design gallery where users can upload and share their logos. Members can leave comments/critiques, so it’s a helpful place for getting feedback. There are some really good looking Logos here nd brilliant ideas.

15 wonderfully simple logo designs

10 handwritten logo designs

Here follows a selection of famous trademarks created using handwriting…


LogoFury.com is a frequently updated logo design gallery featuring thousands of logos. Check out the Top Rated section to see what their users like the most.

10 creative monogram logo designs

10 creative monograms for your enjoyment.

Drawing Inspiration From Creative Logos

Showcase of 50 beautiful, clever and creative logo designs that will hopefully inspire you. If you take a closer look at the showcase below, you will notice many trends. Some of these include the usage of simple shapes to create something complex, origami shapes, coloring and transparency trends, and many more.

33 logos in 33 minutes

“Here follows 33 logos / labels seen in the first 33 minutes after I wake.

The original idea was to include logos that appear throughout an entire day, but that would leave you with A LOT of scrolling.”

Logo Design & Branding Trends 2009

To stand out and be refreshingly different at whatever cost – that’s the message we’re getting from today’s logos. From an identity point of view, web 2.0 logos failed miserably. They may not be around for too long. Copycat websites may still work, but when it comes to identities, designers will have to roll up their sleeves and work much harder.

15 inspiring ambigram logos

An ambigram, also sometimes known as an inversion, or flipscript, is a graphical figure that spells out one or more words not only as presented, but also in another direction or orientation (from Wikipedia).

Here follows 15 inspiring examples, with some further ambigram resources.


Logospire is a logo design gallery where users can vote on, comment on, and upload logo designs.

The Identity Archives Project

The Identity Archives Project is a searchable database of logos and brand identity designs, it’s useful for getting inspiration on particular topics such as “technology” or “web 2.0″.

Logos & Logotypes on deviantART

deviantArt has a section on user-submitted logos/logotypes that you can browse through for logo design inspiration.

Logo Faves

Logo Faves is a logo design gallery that seeks to present the best logo designs. Check out their “Highest Rated Logos” section to see what the top logos on the site.


LogoSurf is part of BuzzShout is a logo design aggregate that displays tons of logos in one page to reduce the number of clicks you have to perform to see logo designs.


LogoMoose is a logo design showcase site. They have a monthly “Logo of the month” award for submitted logo designs.


LogoSauce is a logo design gallery. Check out the “top 6” section to view the most popular designs on the site.

10 successful logo redesigns

When a logo is used for a number of years, the brand awareness that is amassed can prove a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of large corporations. With that in mind, logo re-designs often implement subtle changes to refresh the look whilst considering customer recognition.

This blog post features 10 successful logo redesigns, as shown on the Brand New website, and highlights specific rationale I agree with.

Logo Design Trends 2009 – Showcase


lo80s is a highly-categorized logo design gallery. You’ll find categories like “Symbols” or “Household Items” on here.


logoed is a blog-style logo design showcase for graphic designers that posts logos from various designers.

30 Dual Element Logos

All of these logos combine two or more individual concepts to create one seamless design. Some are a little more obvious than others, but all equally impressive.

Inspire Yourself: 58 Creative Logos

These are 58 creative logos you can inspire yourself from. Nevermind how different the logos are – they show the current trend in modern logo design. The logos we’ve selected below have been created and optimized for Web.

30 Brilliant Vector Logo Designs, Deconstructed

Graphic and web designer, Chris Spooner, analyzes how one would construct the featured logo designs.


goodlogo!com is a database of logo designs. Check out the Logo Top 250 section to see the most popular logos on the site.

35 Green, Leafy Logos

A trend that you may have noticed recently is the use of leaves in logo design. In some cases the companies using these logos are in a “green” industry, which makes this style of logo a natural fit. Other companies are not in this type of industry, and some of the logos (I believe) are fictional and created for logo portfolios. Even if that’s the case, they may serve as good design inspiration.


FAVEUP is a design inspiration gallery that has a wonderful Logos section. Users are able to vote on designs that are featured on FAVEUP.

Logo Galleria

Logo Galleria (currently) has over 400 logos featured in their gallery.

50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

“I looked at over 2000 logos on various inspiration sites to grab the 50+ best logos (in my opinion) to fuel your logo design inspiration. Some more resources below the post.”

Logo Of The Day

Logo Of The Day features one logo a day picked by a panel of judges.

What Makes a Great Logo

This is an excellent article on the fundamental elements of a good logo design.

What makes a good logo design?

David Airey shares his thoughts on what makes a logo design great.

how do designers create unique identities?

Logo designer and author Jeff Fisher ponders on the ways designers go about creating unique brands that stand out from the crowd.

7 Logo Design Trends that have Withstood the Test of Time

Styles and trends of logos have changed throughout the years, but as this article shows, there are certain logo design elements that are as popular today as they were back in the day.

Logos with a meaning

This article on creativebits examines logos that have a symbolic meaning to them, such as the FedEx logo and Sun Microsystems logo.

LogoBee’s Top 10 Logo Design Tips

Logo design company, LogoBee, shares some basic things to consider when creating a logo.

How Google Got Its Colorful Logo

Wired News tells us the history of Google’s legendary logo

How and where to seek professional Help

How To Choose A Logo Designer

In this article David Airey, a logo designer himself, offers his personal perspective on the selection of logo designers, provides some insights in his workflow and explains why you should think twice before choosing logo designers from the Google’s Results front page.

99 designs

99designs connects clients needing design work such as logo designs, business cards or web sites to a community of more than 33,000 designers. I like to just look around on this site for inspiration as there are literally thousands of logos created in projects where the clients and the community discuss how to improve selected candidates. It gives a good idea of the creative process and the most important things to focus on.The conept they have and the application supporting it is just brilliant! I would consider making a design competition here if I needed a new logo… The number of logo suggestions provided even for task that doesn’t release alot of money is impressive!

10 Great Logo Design, Branding and Identity Books

As designers we often look for inspiration for our work. logocritiques compiled a short list of some useful logo design and branding books. The people behind these books have some useful insight and inspiration for their readers. If you don’t already own them, I suggest you consider adding them to your library.


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