2009, Number of UFO 'visits' will increase

LONDON - The number of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) that crosses the sky will be the estimated increase in 2009. In fact, until the end of 2009, the number of UFO records can solve the previous years.

Telegraph, Tuesday (13/7/2009) spread data 'visits' UFO to earth continues to increase since 2006. Based on the UK defense ministry, in 2006 there were 97 reports of UFO. Whereas in 2007, the number of reports increased by as much as 135, and in 2008 was 285.

Prediction about the increasing number of UFO that came, especially across the England sky reasoned enough. The first six months of 2009 alone, the number of reports on UFO reached 231.

In addition, the number of people who bring a digital camera is also more and more, so that it can perpetuate images that resemble UFO seen.

"This year will exceed the number of records, and reports that will go more than year ago," said Nick Pope, a researcher of the UFO.

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