V-ray Glass Material

If you want very realistic render you need to use V-ray Render plugin. In this tutorial I will show you how to create V-ray glass material. On picture below I was use my glass material.

V-ray Glass Material

1. Open Material Editor by pressing M on your keyboard.

2. Click on Get Material button, and chouse Vray material from Materail/Map Browser.

V-ray Glass Material

3.Rename material to “Glass”

4.Click on Diffuse color, and set to black.

V-ray Glass Material

5. For the Reflec color use this settings:

Red: 232
Green: 232
Blue: 232

Turn on Fresnel reflections and Fresnel IOR. Set Max depth to 10. See picture below.

V-ray Glass Material

6.In the Refraction menu change Refract color to pure white and change Max depth to 10. See picture below.

V-ray Glass Material

7.Scroll down and find Options menu. Just turn on “Reflect on back side”

V-ray Glass Material

That is all. Like I said this material is for V-ray. Just to know, results of this material while you render also depend from your Render and Lighting settings.


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What about the wine in the glass? got any tutorials on that one?

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