How To Make Light Painting

In this post, i will teach you to make light painting which is similar to the title image above to enhance your graphic design skill. I use glow brushes as a tool to make this light painting. You may download the brushes here: click here to download the brushes

You may notice that there are glowing stars everywhere in the image. I made it with adobe photoshop after seeing kagaya’s artwork. But i haven’t made the tutorial yet - I’ve planned to make the tutorial in near future. This light painting is easy to made. You just have to use brushes more frequently & follow my instructions correctly. Here comes the tutorial!

  • Open new canvas in adobe photoshop by pressing Ctrl + N | fill the specification listed above. You may alter the canvas size, but make sure that the size is not far too large, because this tutorial is best for screen resolution.
  • Fill background layer with solid black. This is the simple way: Press D, then Alt + Delete on background layer.
  • Don’t forget to download glow brushes & install it in your photoshop. If you don’t know how to install brushes, click on this link: how to install brushes in adobe photoshop

  • Make new layer above background layer with default specification.
  • Now, use some of glow brushes to make any composition of light as you like. If you haven’t get used with the glow brushes, then practice! You’ll surely get used to make better light composition with glow brushes. Brush shortcut: B
  • You have to set your brushes at 100% opacity & solid white foreground.


  • Make new layer & set the blend mode into overlay. You’ll colorize this layer, ok?
  • (optional) i usually give base color first into colorize layer before adding another colour. I advice you to set the foreground color into any color (i use aqua blue in this image) and press Alt + Delete.
  • Now use soft round brushes & set opacity into 10% - 20%. I usually use 100 - 300 pixel diameter.
  • Change foreground color into any color & you can start painting!

  • Do you notice some stars in this image? It’s optional, but i’m sure you’ll like this stars :D
  • I haven’t made tutorial about making this stars, so this time, just copy & paste it from the psd files, ok?
  • Open the psd file & drag the star into your artwork. You may resize it as you like.
  • Use Hue/Saturation to change its color by pressing Ctrl + U
  • You may add some text to make it more attractive like the title image.


If you have question, just leave your comments & i’ll reply it as soon as possible. Good Luck!


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