How to Find BitTorrent Files?

If you search torrent or bitTorrent, you will find many sites form where you can download the torrent files or BitTorrent files. There are many sites which providing several torrent files. Some website provides all the torrent files totally free and some provides the torrent files with a little membership. I personally search torrent or BItTorrent files form some of the sites. Generally all the sites are not good. Moreover, some BitTorrent files contain virus or worms which is very harmful for your computer. So, it's not safe to download the torrent files from anywhere from the Internet. In this page, I listed some of the great sites which I generally use to download the torrent files.

Best Website for Torrent files

Many BitTorrennt sites are available in the Internet. I don't use all of them. Before choosing any BitTorrent site, always be careful about the virus. Many sites provide torrent file but there are virus. So, it's better to use those site which has no virus or relatively low viruses, I personally use some sites to search for torrent files. Most of the torrents are available to those sites. If those sites are failed to provide those torrent files then I look for other sites. I recommended to use these sites. Now, look the BitTorrent sites where I generally search for torrent files:

1. Best BitTorrent Site : Mininova

It's the best site for torret file. I really like it. And I always recommended to othres to download torrent files form this site. Mininova is the oldest torrent site and has a great reputation of filtering out junk torrents. I never have any complain about that site. It's definitely one of the cleanest BitTorrent file site which has virus free and adware free torrent files. To visit this great BitTorrent site, click here.

2. Best BitTorrent Site :

isohunt is another premier BitTorrent file downloading site. If I don't find the torrent files then I look back to isohunt and there I get the solution. It has a huge database and all of them are virus and ad-ware free. All of the torrent files are really excellent. This is my second recommendation for torrent downloading site. To visit this great BitTorrent site, click here.

3. Best BitTorrent Site : Demonoid

This site is another great one but you need to register to get torrent files. The registration is only open for some time and you must need an invitation to use Demonoin. So, it's the great problem to someone who has not an account of Demonoid. If you have an account then you can understand the torrent quality. Ok... it's better to use the above two sites for torrent files if you have no demonoid account.

Besides the above mentioned torrent sites ther are many other torrent sites like ,,,,, BiteNova, etc. for downloading torrnnt files. You may use them also.


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