80 of the Best Vector and Illustrator Free Resources

I have taken all Vector articles and all User Submitted/Recommended Resources and compiled this list of the Best Illustrator/Vector Resources.
I took into consideration popularity (both from outgoing links and Technoratii ranking), the quality of resources, number of resources and, to be honest, how well there site was designed.

I have split the resources into categories: Free Resources (downloads); Tutorials; Free Illustrator Brushs; Illustrator Symbols; Illustrator Plugin; Free Vector Logos; Free Vector Editors.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this list.

Top 25 Free Vector Resource Sites

1. I Heart Vector

Free Vector Resources

2. Vecteezy!

Free Vector Resources

3. CoolVectors.com

Free Vector Resources

4. BittBox

Free Vector Resources

5. VectorVault

Free Vector Resources

6. deviantART

Free Vector Resources

7. Blog.SpoonGraphics

Free Vector Resources

8. Quality Free Vector Graphics

Free Vector Resources

9. Dezignus

Free Vector Resources

10.Free Vector Graphics

Free Vector Resources

11. Idee Montabili.

12. freevectors.net.

13. vectorstuff.blogspot.com.

14. Vectorportal.

15. Webchantier Vector Image Portal.

16. Aiga Symbol Signs.

17. CreateSk8- - Freebies.

18. www.keepdesigning.com.

19. Clipart deSIGN.

20. Vectors Workshop.

21. www.localarcade.com.

22. vektorDB.

23. Gravitation

24. Garcya.us.

Top 10 Best Vector Tutorial Sites

Free Vector Resources

2. Blog.SpoonGraphics.

3. Vectorials.

4. BittBox.


6. Illustrator Tutorials on Pixel2Life.

7. Adobe Illustrator on the Web Design Library.

8. Vectips.

9. NDesign Studio - Illustrator Tutorials.

10. Illustrator Tutorials on Good-Tutorials.

Top 10 Premium Vector Resources

Free Vector Resources

2. iStockphoto.com

3. Vectorstock.com.

4. Vector Redraw.

5. Ultimate Symbol/.

6. Mister Retro - Vector Image Collections

7. ArtBitz Stock Illustration.

8. Vector Art.

9. Designious.

10. AI Vault.

Top 10 Free Illustrator Brush Resource Site

Free Vector Resources

2. Vectorportal.

3. BittBox.

4. CreateSk8.

5. Illustrator-Brushes.

6. Illustrator brushes packs for Illustrator.


8. Illustrator Brushes on deviantART.


10. Digital Art Corner.

Top 10 Free Illustrator Symbol Resource Sites

Free Vector Resources

2. Vector Portal.

3. Illustrator Symbols on deviantART.

4. Graphic Xtras - Symbols for Illustrator.

5. Code Zebra - Adobe Illustrator.
6. Integration and Application Network - Free Vector Symbols.

7. Creative Curio - Illustrator Symbols Illustrated.

8. CreateSk8 - Free Illustrator Symbols.

9. Brainstorm and Raves - Free Adobe Illustrator Symbols.

10. Cartographic Symbols and Map Symbols Library.

Top 5 Free Illustrator Plugin Resource Sites

Free Vector Resources

2. Illustrator Plugin World.

3. Free Photoshop - Illustrator Plugins.

4. Graffix plugins for Adobe Illustrator.

5. Huge List of Adobe Illustrator Plugins & Filters & Tools.

Top 5 Free Vector Logo Resource Sites

Free Vector Resources
2. LogoZu - Vector Logo Sharing.

3. Free-Logotypes.com.

4. All Free Logo - Vector Logo Database.

5. Logotypes.ru.

Top 5 Free Vector Editors (Illustrator Alternatives)


2. Karbon14.

3. Scribus.

4. Nodebox.

5. Skencil.


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