50 Powerful Plugins and Filters to Supercharge Your Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to editing images. Photoshop comes with a variety of powerful tools to help you when editing. Photoshop also allows users to expand that tool set using filters and plug-ins to make it even more powerful.

Below are 50 sets of filters and plug-ins that can be added to Photoshop for absolutely free!


Plugins are a great way to extend Photoshop. Plugins allow you to do small things like open different filetypes or big things like upload pictures from Photoshop to Flickr.

  1. PixelNovel - flickr This plugin allows you to open an image, edit it and upload it to your flickr account without ever having to save the image. This plugin is only available for Mac OS X.

  2. optikVerve Labs - virtualPhotographer Use this professional-grade plugin to help retouch your photos.

  3. Power Retouche Power Retouche is a brightness tool that allows you to brighten your photos without losing color.

  4. Deziner Folio» Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles A plugin that features web 2.0 style gradients.

  5. Panorama Tools Plugin that let’s you stich together images to make your own panorama.

  6. P2B Perfect Skies Replace blown out skies with perfect skies!

  7. AmphiSoft: plug-in filters for Photoshop A nice collection of helpful plugins to edit your photos.

  8. RetroDots Use this plugin to create grid-aligned dots for that retro look.

  9. Red Paw Media - Photoshop Plugins Red Paw Media has three free filters for removing rogue pixels, bleaching images and giving images that soft focus look.

  10. Luce Luce is a plugin for generating light effects in Photoshop.

  11. Extra Sketch Effects - Sketcher Plugin Retouch your images, create line art and more with these plugins.

  12. 8bf.net - Free Plugins Photoshop plugins to do a variety of things to your images. Most of these are Vista ready.

  13. PlugPage - Photoshop Plugins Plugins that range from simple color adjustments all the way to masking out difficult images in Photoshop.

  14. AlphaPlugins - Adobe Photoshop Plugins Multiple plugins for varied effects from Alpha Plugins.

  15. Pog’s Notes > Plugins Pog hands out some free plugins that are very useful when editing photos.

  16. MV’s Plugins Many different kinds of plugins but the most interesting one is the Color Cube, a 3D color analysis plugin.

  17. B/W Conversion This is a powerful black and white conversion tool. B/W Conversion gives you control over color tones, can simulate grain and can even emulate black and white films.

  18. Dreamy Photo Dreamy Photo is a plugin to give your photos that soft focus look, giving them a dream-like feel.

  19. Mehdi - Free Photoshop Plugins Free plugins that are compatible with Vista.

  20. Top 10 Free Plugin Packs (2006-2007) Download the top ten free Photoshop plugins from 2006 to 2007.

  21. SuperPNG SuperPNG is a plugin to replace saving PNG files in Photoshop. SuperPNG uses a different compression system and can create PNGs that are smaller than Photoshop’s traditional save feature.

  22. Pro Canvas Allows you to customize your canvas options. Another enhancement to a stock Photoshop tool.

  23. Seamless Tile Plug-in This tool is very helpful for creating background images. Seamless Tile allows you to create tiling images from whatver you want.

  24. Telegraphics - Free Plugins For Photoshop & Illustrator Free plugins that mostly add support for file extensions.

  25. The Plugin Site - Free Plugins A ton of free plugins for both Windows and Mac. The author gives a rating to each one based on usefulness.

  26. Photoshop Filters / Plugins - VersionTracker This website keeps track of the latest updates for programs on the internet. This section has 278 pages of plugins.

  27. PluginsWorld.com - Adobe Photoshop A mixture of freeware, shareware and paid plguins. Mostly free though.

  28. Xero Graphics : Freeware Plugins Tons of plugins compiled into neat little zip files.

  29. Plugin Pimp - Free Plugins And More Plugin Pimp brings us a wide selection of plugins for everyday use.

  30. 10 Free Plugins To Enhance Photoshop - ExtremeTech Like the title says, download these 10 free plugins to alter images in Photoshop.

  31. Graphicxtras.com - Demos, Samples and Freebies Various demo, sample and free plugins to use with Photoshop.

  32. Paint Engine - Fantastic Machines Paint engine for Photoshop.


Filters are great additions when looking for new ways to edit images. Filters allow things like more control over grayscale and better contrast options.

  1. Filter Forge - Filter Library Filter Forge is the leader when it comes to quality Photoshop filters. They currently have 3638 (and counting) filters.

  2. Opanda PhotoFilter Free filter to customize your photos in hundreds of ways.

  3. Magic Enhancer Magic Enhancer is an image sharpener that allows you to reclaim lost details because of fuzzy images.

  4. Topaz DeJPEG DeJPEG is an awesome plugin for cleaning up JPEG images with heavy artifacts due to high compression.

  5. Digital Darkroom @ The Light’s Right Studio Photographic actions for photoshop.

  6. Filter Factory - Photoshop Filters Filter Factory brings us over 300 filters.

  7. GREYCstoration Free, open-source noise reducion filter. This is an enhancement to the one that comes with Photoshop.

  8. Web Atelier: 14 Free Photoshop Filters 14 Photoshop filters that do a variety of things. These are also compatible with Adobe Fireworks.

  9. Cybia - Plug-In Filters 15 effects for creating grain and mezzo styles.

  10. Cybia - The Works A complete set of filters that cover things like embossing, colour correction and even alpha work.

  11. ::swisswuff:: - Digital Lomo Filter This filter is great for creating effects to make your images look as if they were taken with a Lomo camera.

  12. Adobe Photoshop - 3D Shadow 1.2 Get more control over your shadows in Photoshop.

  13. New Dawn Micro - Free Filters Eliminate Black/Eliminiate White, allows you to quickly cut out either the white or black background on an image.

  14. Richard Rosenman - Filters and Plugins Plugins that you can use to generate different effects.

  15. Filters @ Adobe Exchange Adobe approved actions, filters, plugins and more.

  16. ATNCentral.com - Downloads This site features a very large list of filters. Most of the filters have example images so you can see what it does before downloading it.

  17. Free Photoshop Filters A large list of Photoshop filters to manipulate your images.

  18. Reminiscing Visions - Photoshop Filters Filters to help with color, tint and black and white in your photos.


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