Naruto Modeling Tutorial: Head Part 4

Naruto Modeling Tutorial: HeadYour Naruto's head 3D model is almost finished. This last tutorial will show you how to create spikey hair. Do you think this is going to be difficult? No, not at all. Read more to learn how I create spikey hair in seconds.

Adding Spikey Hair

1. (1) Select all polygons above headband. (2) Move selected polygons a little bit above. Then, use Select and Uniform Scale Tool to stretch selected polygons along vertical axis. (3) Then stretch in horizontal axis. Make sure you do the the stretching in FRONT AND LEFT VIEWPORT.

2. Change to Vertex selection. Select all vertices like image below, and use Uniform and Scale Tool to stretch along horizontal axis (in Front and Left viewport).

Then, select all polygons like image below. In Edit Geometry rollout, click Settings button right next to Tessellate. Make sure Face is selected. Click OK.

3. Next, change selection to Vertex. Select all vertices in intersection of diagonal edges. Hold Ctrl to select more than one vertex. Make you select all vertices in Front and Left viewport

4. To create spikey hair, make sure all vertices still selected, apply Push modifier. Use Push value=60. It's very easy, isn't it?

5. Next, we will modify the back of headband. Right click object and convert into Editable Poly. Rotate view until you can see the back of the head. Use Edge selection. Activate 3D Snap toggle. Cut back of headband until you get diamond shape.

Then change to Polygon selection. Select all four polygons, and apply Bevel a little bit. Then, select half of diamond shape.

6. In Edit Polygons rollout, click Settings button right next to Hinge From Edge. In opened dialog box, use Angle=60, Segments=2. Click Pick Hinge button. Then click an edge shown by white arrow at image below. Click OK. You'll get curvy polygons. Press Delete in keyboard to remove selected polygons. Then use Weld to combine 4 vertices at the tip into one. Repeat the same process to other half of diamond shape polygons.

7. Final touch. Activate Vertex selection. Select one vertex at spikey hair tip. Move them in random position. Repeat this process to other vertex at the tip of the hair until you'll get more random hair looks.

Congratulations! You finished Naruto Modeling Tutorial: Head using 3ds max.

Download finished Naruto's head 3D model

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