Naruto Modeling Tutorial: Head Part 3

Naruto Modeling Tutorial: Head

Creating Ears and Headband

1. Creating an ear is a little bit tricky. Please not that I don't create detailed ear, but using simple plain polygon.

(1) In Left viewport, select one vertex like image below. In Edit Vertices rollout, click Break button to split all nearest polygons.

(2) Change to Edge selection. Sselect one edge like image below.

(3) In Front viewport, Shift drag this edge.

(4) Select one horizontal edge in Front viewport.

(5) Make sure you are in Front viewport. Activate Select and Move Tool. Press F12 in keyboard. In opened dialog box, enter X=-100 in Offset Screen X. Selected edge will be moved 100 unit to the left. It's okay. We will move it back later. In Perspective viewport, rotate view until you can see the back of the head. Select 4 vertices using region selection (look at image below). In Edit Vertices rollout, click Settings button right next to Weld. Increase Threshold value and click OK. All vertices should be welded now. Finally change to Edge selection. Press F12, this time enter Offset Screen X=100 to move previously selected edge to its original position.

2. Next, position vertices in Front and Left viewport to create better ear shape. Add more polygon by Shift+drag edge. Modify vertices position again.

3. To create head band, first activate 3D Snap Toggle. In Edit Geometry click Cut button. Cut like image below. Then change to Vertex selection. In Edit Geometry set Constraints=Edge. This setting will enable you to move vertices without ruining existing 3D shape. Move vertices to make them at the same height level. When finished, change Constraints to None again.

4. Turn off all sub-object selection. Delete Smooth modifier. And convert object into Editable Poly.

Activate Polygon selection. Use region selection to select all headband area. In Edit Polygons rollout, click Settings button right next to Extrude. Use Extrusion Height=10 and click OK.

Make sure polygons are still selected. Use Select and Uniform Scale Tool to enlarge selected polygons a little bit. Then, stretch along vertical axis to reduce polygons height. Next, move selected polygons down. Look at image below for reference.

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