Naruto Modeling Tutorial: Head Part 1

Naruto Modeling Tutorial: HeadThis tutorial explains about Naruto Modeling Tutorial using 3ds max. Here you will create one of the most popular anime character today: Naruto. At this very first tutorial I will show you how to create a head. Different from my other tutorial, you won't find fully detailed step-by step tutorial. Trully, it's almost impossible to write fully detailed character modeling tutorial. You need to try on your own to master modeling human character. Therefore I assume you already familiar with 3dsmax features and functions. I also have already wrote a lot of tutorials about modeling. I suggest you follow previous tutorial first, like Modeling A Cartoon Pig, Modeling A Mug, Modeling Using Blueprint, Modeling Apache, or Kung Fu Panda Modeling

Creating The Face

1. First, you will create Naruto's face. I prepared 3dsmax file you need to start this tutorial with. Download two files, 3dsmax files (3dsmax ver 8, RAR) and bitmap images for blueprint (JPG, RAR). When you open 3dsmax file, you will get scene like image below. Blueprint image has some wireframe lines for your modeling guide. For you who wants to know more about using blueprint in modeling, please refer to Modeling Using Blueprint

Note: In 3ds max file, Smooth and Highlight (F3) and Edge Faces view (F4) in Front, Left and Perspective viewport are already active.

2. In Front viewport, create closed line like image below. Right click line and choose Convert To>Convert To Editable Poly. Apply material to this plane. I use simple green color and decrease its Opacity value to 50%. So I can see blueprint behind.

3. In Modify tab, activate Polygon selection. Select polygon. In Edit Geometry rollout, click Settings button right next to Tessellate. Activate Face. Click OK and polygons will be divided into smaller polygons.

4. Next, our job is to add more polygons. Change to Edge selection. Select several edges like image below. Hold Ctrl to select more than one edge. Drag selected edges while holding Shift. New polygons will be created. Change to Vertex selection, and move vertex position based on blueprint behind.

5. Repeat above process until half of face is created. You will need to use several modeling tools, like welding vertices, create new polygons, and cut polygon. I assume that you are familiar with these features. I already explain a lot in previous tutorials.

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