Fantasy Art by Takaki

This time, i will show you about Takaki, One of the best Japanese digital artist like KAGAYA. If you have seen my post about KAGAYA, i’m sure you will see some of the most stunning digital art ever made, which are similar to KAGAYA. I personally love Takaki’s artwork, which is equal to KAGAYA’s artwork. Both of them have similar taste of art, but there are still some differences in their artwork.

Very little known about Takaki. I can only know his birthday, which is June 20th, 1974. If you understand Japanese, you may look at his profile here. I’m surprised that very few website review about him, if you have seen his extraordinary artwork that he made. I hope someday Takaki’s art will be exposed to the world like KAGAYA.

Most of Takaki’s artwork theme are based on women & nature. He’s able to combine the beauty of women & some part of nature, some of which are represented by wings & calm forest. The colour usage is excellent, in my opinion. He’s able to make a good use of contrast in every artworks which emphasize some important part of his artworks with unique combination of colour.

Takaki’s complete personal gallery: The Elements

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