Deal or No Deal...

This is some artwork made by myself.. :), the first image is logo of my this own blog (, actually i used 'pure' by Adobe Photoshop.. cause i love Photoshop very much.. :). My experiment with layer style, brush, toggle and many more tools.. i made this logo in one hour before i made it actually i do some experiment with many logo designs and then i choose this one.. simple and sweet.. :)

The second artwok i called 'The end of Planet Earth', cause i very interested in astronomy.. like logo design.. i made it on various tolls.. i spend two days.. to make a little bit 'live' on this art.. i make from 'shape' and, then actually 'the clipping mask' was very helpful for special edited of object in this art.. but actually . i still no satisfied for this result.. cause i think.. this image just.. 47% to 'real-world'.. but hope you enjoyed.. and don't miss it.. give a comment, i need your ideas, critical, or whatever u want to make you feel better.. :) icon

The End Of Planet Earth

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