58 Surrealist Photo by Chema Madoz

Psd-tutorial.com wants you to know about Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz (born 1958), better known as Chema Madoz, is a Spanish photographer, best known for his black and white surrealist photographs. Chema Madoz studied Art History at Universidad Complutense de Madrid between 1980 and 1983. It is here that he was first exposed to the study of photography and imaging. If you want to know more about him, just visit his personal website: Click Here

I want to share his incredible works as i saw 1.782 comments from other blog reviewing about Chema Madoz’s works. Some words describing what Chema Madoz did:

Not everything is what it seems to be, and chema madoz (madrid 1958) ensures it’s evidence. Hidden among daily things arises new worlds.

New dimensions led by metaphor alters the perception of an immediate reality. The absurd, the paradox, the humor – why not the wittiness – are to be found at the photographers studio. The idea commences it’s process of superiority of the object and establishes a given discontext.

The irony with which madoz assaults recognizible objects creates a relationship with viewers that leads to paths of a parallel universe.

The photographs are not only the reflex of what was there (a luck of portable memory) – quoted by fernando castro – but also related to conscious of disapearing…. That their photographic metaphorisations inframe things of singular symmetry or make us focus in simple items, in points of view modifying real ….

Cristian caujolle underlines that the art of madoz is articulated by unreal objects whereupon behind their normal appearance, recognizible (an envelope, a glove, a matchstick, a pencil, etc.) Which are familiar to us all, hides a weirdness which yields new sensations avoiding to consider the photographs as dead natures.

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