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When you modify a picture or photo, sometime you did many merger of various modification at layer, adjustments, etc. every setting have detail which intricate enough specific, so that become well enough masterpiece with long struggle and tiring enough. But if you wish apply of similar result again at other picture object, do you still remember phases of phase you which have did previously? Photoshop give solution with this tool "Record Action" at pallete.. hence previously you have to activate "record" mode at your photoshop, let’s see
  • Open a picture to modify, File>Open>mypicture.Jpg
  • For reset the appearance, in toolbar select; Window>Workspace>Defaultworkspace
  • In pallete choose Action>Create New Set>Create New Action>Record > Named "learnAction

  • Choose Layer>Duplicate Layer
  • In pallete, choose Create New Fill>Color Balance>set ( up to you)

  • You can make other modification from Create New Fill. It can be other also
  • If modification felt enough, hereinafter discontinue recording process, in Action pallete Click Stop Playing

  • Now try to open other picture file, File>Open>Gorilla.Jpg
  • In Action, item searching "learnAction", later; then click Play Selection knob
  • You also can edit action which have been made by, selecting of an action, and click Record, modify at file

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