Freakish Zombie in 11 Steps!

By Craig Henry - January 24, 2006 / 2:32pm
Yo! Before we begin, I want our super-sensitive visitors to understand that this blog contains graphic materials.
By this I mean Blood, Bruises, Veins and our co-worker Fred. You've been warned. So, to start things off we'll use a picture of Fred that I took without his permission. You can probably tell by the look on his face. *
Let it be known that this photo was taken with a sick Sony 2MP Camera that iMarc Founder Nils Menten keeps locked up in a glass case next to his Ferrari keys. It's so vintage.
Next we'll darken the photo and boost the contrast a bit. Once we're happy with the tones, we'll use the Photoshop burn tool and burn around the eyes to give them a little bit more "scare".

Next, we'll color Fred's eyes in white. This makes it easier to edit later on... So now we're going to use the burn tool some more, but this time on his shirt and finger tips. This way it will look like our Zombie doesn't shower. Damn dirty zombie.

Let's burn some more! This time focussing on his face, fingertips and his jacket. All Zombies wear jackets, so I dont want to hear it folks... *Fred is wearing a pale green pilot jacket from iMarc's famous "Fashionably Fall" Collection. Moving on, we're now going to make a new layer that contains a copy of Fred's face and hand.

We then go into image > adjust > variations and give this layer a blue overtone. Finally, we'll boost up the contrast, slightly desaturate it, then set the layer's opacity to 46%. Don't use 45%, as the difference is WORLDS apart....I mean it's huge, folks. egh...Our zombie should now look more pale. OH, I almost forgot.

I overlayed the spider veins from some lady's leg onto his cheek bone. Next! So now things will get a bit bloody. Using a mixture of the multiply and overlay "blending modes" (layers panel), we'll add some blood strips leaking from our Zombie's mouth. mmmmm, yum.

The leak shapes were made using the polygon lasso tool (sick tool), and then filled with 2 versions of red on each of the layers specified above. Now we'll work on those eyes, and attempt to give that handsome arm some disgusting veins. The eyes were stolen from a pigeon and then placed over Fred's white eyes, which were very easy to select from since we made them white in step 2.

Oh and the arm veins...the arm veins were overlayed from another photo which i will not show you here because I'm 100% positive that you dont want to see it. Trust me. now - Let's add more blood! Using the same marching order from the previous step, we'll make Fred's pigeon eyes bleed a bit. Almost done! a little closer... Now that we have a semi-finished zombie, let's duplicate the image in photoshop, and inset the photo repeatedly on the monitor in the background.

This way people will look at your photo and instantly be blown away at the paranormal multi-dimensionally abstract effect that you've created. I'm talking seriously mind-blowing here. To finish things off I'm going to overlay the photo with a red "spotlight" type gradient using the "multiply" blending mode on your layers palette. We're done! Now just set your new zombie photo into a polaroid and show your loved one's what you saw in Vegas! Until next time,

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