• Open Photoshop,
  • To facilitate your work, you better reset the appearance, choose Window > Workspace > Default Workspace
  • Open 2 file we to link up with gradation style.
  • Click and Drag one of the picture to picture the other one with tool move, before that it’s better to activate “Auto Select Layer” at toolbar, to chosen the layer without hard to having to change activation the layer at layer palet.
  • Reset " Foreground & Background Color" with only pressing " D" at keyboard, hence its colour will turn into " White and Black", this way function to optimal of erase process of object with gradation style.

  • Position it till close over under of other picture
  • Choose Gradient Tool, usually it is not invisible because closed over, hence just right click at Paint Bucket Tool and choose Gradient Tool
  • click “Add Vektor Mask”

  • Click and drag start from right corner till left corner.

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